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Turkish security forces nab ‘media minister’ of Daesh in Ankara


Ankara � Turkish security authorities on Sunday arrested Omer Yetek, a man accused of being a senior Daesh militant responsible for coordinating a number of attacks by the terrorist group in Turkey.

Security sources quoted by Anadolu Agency as saying that the Counter-Terrorism Unit in Ankara carried out a security operation in which it was able to arrest the so-called “media minister” of the terrorist group Omer Yetek. The sources added that Yetek, who Ankara accuses of involvement in several terrorist operations in Turkey, appeared before the court that ordered his detention.

Turkish security forces have been involved in a long-running campaign to thwart Daesh attacks. Some 319 people have lost their lives in Daesh-claimed attacks in Turkey, where the terrorist group has targeted security forces and civilians in suicide bombings, and rocket-and-gun attacks. These include the country’s deadliest terrorist attack, which killed 102 people and wounded 400 others in a twin suicide bombing at a peace rally in Ankara on 10 October 2015.

In January, another “Daesh minister” was captured in the central Turkish province of Kayseri. The suspect, identified as Tarik A., was an agriculture “minister” for the group, running agricultural operations to bring revenues to the group which faces a decline in the face of an escalated international crackdown.

Source: International Islamic News Agency