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Friday, December 13th, 2019
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Daily Archives: June 6, 2019

Report claims Huawei has Cut Production After Google Ban, Huawei Rejects Claims

Even though Huawei has managed to achieve second highest smartphone sales globally for Q1 2019, it looks like its goal to hold off Apple for the rest of the year won’t be achievable after all. In the wake of recent US government trade war with China an…

9th match of World Cup: New Zealand defeated Bangladesh by two wickets

New Zealand defeated Bangladesh by two wickets in the 9th match of ICC Cricket World Cup at London last night.Batting first Bangladesh has set a victory target 245 runs all out in 49.2 Overs.In replay, New Zealand achieved the target in 47.1 for the lo…

Cairo seminar exposes women’s rights violations by terrorist groups during armed conflicts

The Arab Initiative for Education and Development has warned against the violations of women’s rights by terrorist organizations during armed conflicts.This came during a seminar on “Violations of women’s rights in periods of armed conflict”, held in t…

فینګ چینګ کینګ سټي کې د نړیوالو طبي سهولتونو او مرستو تابیا

فینګ چینګ کینګ چين,۳جون ۲۰۱۹ پي ار نیوز وائر —  سي آر ایئ انلاین په ورستیو کې خبرداری ورکړی دی چې د شنګهایي تعاون تنظیم د ښه ګاونډیتوب او د ګوانګ ژي ژوانګ ازاد سیمه ایز حکومت په ګډه د نړیوالو نوو طبي اسانتیاو تنظیم (چائینا-شنګهایي تعاون تنظیم) فینګ چینګ کینګ سټي په نامه فورم […]