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Daily Archives: December 3, 2021

‫12 ممالک سے فرسٹ اور ایوارڈ یافتہ فیچرز، شارٹ فلمز اور مکالمے، سب مفت اسٹریم کرنے کی ایک شاندار پیشکش: ٹرُو کلرز فلم فیسٹیول

سنگاپور – میڈیا آؤٹ ریچ – 3 دسمبر 2021 – ٹرو کلرز فلم فیسٹیول (TCFF) آج سے واپس لوٹ رہا ہے جس میں ایشیا بھر کے شائقین کو 10 فیچرز، 20 مختصر فلموں اور 4 مکالموں کی مفت اسٹریمنگ کی پیشکش کی گئی ہے۔ دی نیپون فاؤنڈیشن کی طرف سے پیش کردہ، فلمیں زندگی اور […]

A Feast of Firsts & Award-Winning Features, Short Films & Dialogues From 12 Countries All Free to Stream: True Colors Film Festival

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 3 December 2021 – True Colors Film Festival (TCFF) returns from today offering audiences across Asia free streaming of 10 Features, 20 short films and 4 Dialogues. Presented by The Nippon Foundation, the films present new and radical human perspectives about life and the pursuit of happiness. Highlights include: The world’s first Oscar-nominated […]

Bombardier Marks Dual Celebration – NetJets Accepts First Global 7500 Business Jet as Bombardier Delivers 1,000th Global Aircraft

NetJets’ leader receives the key to the Global 7500 Delivery of industry’s longest-range business jet marks the first of 20 Global 7500 aircraft to join the NetJets fleet  Global 7500 aircraft continues to garner significant interest from customers who value features such as the largest and most unique cabin, innovative technology, unparalleled performance and the […]

FBR Gives Deadline for Big Retailers to Integrate with Point of Sale System

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has directed 482 big (Tier-1) retailers to immediately integrate with FBR’s point of sale (POS) system by 10 December 2021 to avoid disallowance of input tax claims and creation of tax demands.In this regard, FBR issu…

An Insight into Pakistan’s Inflation Conundrum

The seemingly unending upward swing in Pakistan’s consumer prices has become an uphill task to deal with — with particular reference to the rise in recent months — for the government and the public. A global analysis by ProPakistani reveals that Pakist…

Govt Announces Rs. 5 Million Reward for Information About Urea Hoarders

The government has announced that a reward of Rs. 5million for any person who can provide “credible” and “actionable” information about the 343,000 metric tons of urea that has anonymously disappeared from the market, reported a national daily.The anno…