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Thursday, March 23rd, 2023
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Daily Archives: November 16, 2022

Black Pottery Made in Chiping, China: A Magic Art that Spans Thousands of Years

LIAOCHENG, China, Nov. 16, 2022 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/– The craft of pottery is a major marker of human civilization. Over the last three decades, Chinese archaeologists have undertaken four excavations at the Longshan Culture Site in Jiaochangpu, Chiping, where a variety of almost 1,000 pieces of pottery, stone and bone relics have been unearthed. Among them, the […]

New government of St Kitts and Nevis ready to usher in new sense of cooperation and good governance, hints at changes to the country’s CBI programme

Basseterre, Nov. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — St Kitts and Nevis welcomed a new government in August and the new administration, led by Dr Terrance Drew, is ready and determined to usher in a new sense of cooperation, good governance, and transparency – starting with steps to improve the country’s long-standing citizenship by investment (CBI) programme. In his address […]

New High-Yielding Perennial Rice Sees Sustainability Success Catalyzed by Global Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing Approach

Salina, Kansas, USA, Nov. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Over 70% of the food calories that feed humanity come from annual grain crops, which occupy 60–80% of global croplands. But annual grain dominance may be changing. A study in the journal Nature Sustainability reports that a new high-yielding, long-lived perennial rice with significant environmental, economic, and social […]

FreedomPay Announces Integration with Castles Technology to Expand Commerce Offering Globally

The partnership brings a unique consumer experience powered by loyalty and value-added services to millions of merchants globally. PHILADELPHIA, Nov. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — FreedomPay, the commerce technology partner of choice for global leaders across hospitality, retail, restaurants and sports and entertainment, announce today a partnership with Castles Technology, a globally recognized and industry-leading […]

وینٹیج نے ادارہ جاتی تاجروں کے لئے یوکے لیکویڈیٹی سروس کا آغاز کردیا

لندن، 15 نومبر 2022ء/پی آرنیوزوائر/– بین الاقوامی ملٹی ایسٹ ٹریڈنگ پلیٹ فارم وینٹیج (یا وینٹیج مارکیٹس) برطانیہ میں اداروں اور کارپوریٹس کے لیے لیکویڈیٹی حل وینٹیج کنیکٹ کے اجراء کا اعلان کر رہا ہے۔ فنانس میگنیٹس لندن سمٹ 2022 میں باضابطہ طور پر اعلان کیا جائے گا، یہ خبر ہیج فنڈز، خاندانی دفاتر، بینکوں، بروکرز، […]

Imran Khan leveling baseless allegations against former President, PM without proof: Tarar

Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Narcotics Control Attaullah Tarar says Imran Khan has been leveling baseless allegations against the former President and Prime Minister of Pakistan without proof.Addressing a news conference in Islamabad on Wedne…

Ayaz expresses gratitude to World Bank for flood relief assistance to Pakistan

Minister for Economic Affairs Sardar Ayaz Sadiq has said the World Bank’s assistance has played and shall continue to play a vital role in the socio-economic uplift of Pakistan.He was talking to the World Bank’s Regional Director, South Asia John A Roo…

Imran Khan’s fake narratives stand exposed: Kaira

Prime Minister’s Adviser on Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan Qamar Zaman Kaira has called for unity and collective political wisdom among all political parties in the country.Addressing a news conference in Islamabad on Wednesday afternoon, he said…