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Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

Clover Pakistan Limited’s Listing Regulations (Free Float Shares)

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Karachi: In accordance with the regulation No. 21 (3) of the Listing Regulation, we are provide the Free-Float of shares of our company as on March 31, 2012 here under:

Total Outstanding Shares  9,434,880  
Less: Shares held by Directors/Sponsors  8,210  
Government Holding as Promoter/Acquirer/Controller  
Shares held by Associated Companies (Cross holdings)  8,921,598  
Shares held with general public in Physical Form 71,159  
Persons/Bodies with “Controling interest”  13,203   9,014,170
Free Float:  420,710  
Total number of shares available in CDS   9,363,721  
Total number of Shares in Physical form 71,159  

For more information, contact:
Mansoor Ahmed
Company Secretary
Clover Pakistan Limited
Lakson Square BLDG. No.2,
Sarwar Shaheed Road,
Karachi- 74200, Pakistan.
Phone: 92-21-3569 8000,
Fax: 92-21-3568 5489, 3568 4712, 3568 3410


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