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Saturday, March 24th, 2018

50th Anniversary of 1965 War

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Islamabad, September 01, 2015 (PPI-OT): 50 years Ago:

Date: 2nd September 1965


India forcing war on Pakistan: Aggression will not go unchallenged: Policy of peace misunderstood: President Ayub Khan: President Ayub Khan has warned India that her blatant aggression cannot and shall not be allowed to go unchallenged. He warned India not to misunderstand the patience and restraint which he had imposed “on ourselves in the interest of peace.”

Pakistan will fulfill pledge to Kashmiris: President Ayub Khan: President Ayub Khan emphatically declared: Pakistan shall honour her pledge to the people of Jammu and Kashmir who have risen in open revolt against “Indian colonial oppression.”

Ayub’s call for unity to meet two challenges: President Ayub Khan told the nation” we are forced today with two challenges: One no less grave than the other, and emphasized that “It is in times like these that nations fulfil their destiny.”

Cease-fire line is dead: The New York Times: India Plans to take over Azad areas. India virtually considers the Kashmir cease-fire Line as dead. According to a report published in The New York Times.

Azad Forces cross Cease-fire Line: Four Indian Jet Fighters shot down: The Azad Kashmir forces occupied two Indian posts of Deva and Chhamb sectors. Four Indian Jet Fighters coming to the aid of their ground troops were shot down by the Pakistan air force. A large number of Indian soldiers have been taken prisoner and large quantities of ammunition and equipment have been captured.

Indian Platoon wiped out: Patriots inflict heavy causalities: The Mujahids wiped out an entire platoon of Indian Army. The Indians took to their heals after a brief resistance. They suffered heavy causalities at the hands of the freedom fighters. The main pressure of the Mujahideen was around Srinagar. Srinagar radio admitted that the Mujahideen blasted three bridges near Srinagar and engaged the occupation army at several points.

Fact and Fiction: Ever since the popular uprising in the Indian occupied Kashmir, the Indian Prime Minister and his cabinet have been trying desperately to make the outside world believe that the revolt was engineered from outside and that the patriots who have rebelled are “infiltrators”.

Action warmly hailed by the nation: The Pakistan Army’s action against the Indian Occupation forces in Kashmir was hailed enthusiastically by the nation.

Delhi unsure of Soviet support on Kashmir: Indian Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri has decided that India will pursue its goals in the Kashmir fighting against Pakistan regardless of whether it gets international support.

Foreign observers regret use of Air Force by India in Kashmir: Foreign Observers have regretted the use of air force by India in Kashmir. By deploying her Air force India has given a new dimension to India-Pakistan conflict.

Indian Press Stooping low: The Pakistan high Commission in New Delhi has lodged a strong protest with the Indian Government on the publication of a most objectionable and derogatory front page picture of President Ayub Khan and Foreign Minister Z.A. Bhutto in the weekly “Blitz” of Bombay.

Russell asks Shastri to end accession: British Philosopher Lord Russell has asked the Indian Prime Minister Shastri to cease Indian armed aggression in Kashmir and switch over to talks for political settlement.

Danger in Kashmir is real: There is a real danger that the present fighting in Kashmir may spread. “The Financial Times” said under the headline “Trouble again in Kashmir”.

Anti-India feeling in Valley rising: A BBC commentator said that anti-India feeling in Occupied Kashmir has been increasing ever since India tried to tie it up constitutionally.

Indian firing continues Lathitilla: The Indian troops which had recently reopened unprovoked firing towards Pakistan territory of Lathitilla are still continuing the fire unabated.

Ceylon M.P.s back Kashmir patriots: The Kashmir fighting figured in Ceylon’s Parliament and some members took openly the side of Pakistan and the Kashmiri patriots.

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