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Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Afghan Commerce Minister calls on Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh

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Islamabad: The Minister of Commerce of Afghanistan Dr. Anwar ul Haque Ahadi who is currently visiting Pakistan alongwith a delegation met with the Federal Minister for Finance and Economic Affairs Dr. Abdul Hafeez Shaikh here in Islamabad today.

The two sides discussed to further enhance the bilateral trade between the two countries, which currently stands at $1.7 billion. During the discussion both sides agreed for integration of economies, identification of the core areas in the spirit of progress, and to constitute three different committees for progress in this direction.

It was also decided that the Planning Commission of Pakistan would facilitate in summing up of the concrete proposals and recommendations of these three committees to put up before both the Ministers before the conclusion of the Afghan delegation’s visit to Pakistan.

The two sides discussed the security of the cargo to and from Afghanistan, the bank guarantee and insurance to the transported item from Pakistan and abroad through Afghanistan – Pakistan Transit Route.

The three committees comprising three members from each side representing CBR, Communications, and Finance shall focus their deliberations on issues of security, insurance and bank guarantees so that the bottlenecks be removed to enhance the trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Transloading and transshipment issues were also brought into discussion which cantered around the cargo to Afghanistan, and from Afghanistan through Pakistan for abroad.

The two sides also agreed in principle to further case the customs procedure for the rapid clearance of the consignments to and from Afghanistan.

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