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Afzal Khan Lala has paid rich tributes to Bacha Khan and Wali Khan on their death anniversary

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Peshawar: Lauding their matchless sacrifices based on the principles and philosophy of non-violence for freedom and democratic rights of the masses, veteran politician former Federal Minister and senior leader of Awami Nation al Party Mohammad Afzal Khan Lala has paid rich tributes to Bacha Khan and Wali Khan on their death anniversary.

In a statement he pointed out that Indians claim that the Mahtama Gandhi was the proponent of the philosophy o non-violence while the Pakhtun claim to be Bacha Khan but the fact is that it seemed to be impossible to attract Pakhtuns otherwise known for taking revenge at all costs to nonviolence.

But Bacha Khan not only did so but achieved freedom for his nation and saved them from the destructive war machine of the British Imperialism. As far as Muslims are concerned, Afzal Khan Lala pointed out that the Holly Quran advocate non-violence by referring to the story of Habil and Qabil wherein, the former told the later that if he killed him he will not mind.

With regard to the role and services of Khan Abdul Wali Khan, he pointed out that he was not only the son of that great freedom fighter and icon of non-violence Bacha Khan but a true follower and political comrade too, who throughout his life uphold these principles and philosophy.

Mohammad Afzal Khan called upon all the Pakhtuns to shun violence and unit for restoration of peace on their homeland and ensuring prosperity for their future generations.

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