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Annual Progress Saiban

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Karachi: Service to humanity will continue and expanded with the help of our financial supporters, to provide a shelter to the needy persons of our society, these words were expressed by Haq Nawaz Akhter, Chairman of reknowned Human rights Organization Saiban International Welfare Organization, while chairing the year ending meeting with Executive Body of Saiban.

He expressed his satisfaction on the overall development and hope that we must try to improve the progress and expand its area of work in future. Senior Vice Chairman Saleem Khan commended the efforts and guidance of Haq Nawaz Akhter whom efforts fulfilled the needs of hundreds of people under the flag of Saiban attaining a dignified name in the welfare of humanity.

General Secretary Saiban, Haider Ali Haider while presenting annual report of the organization told that about more than 700 prisoners got freed including 70 foreigners, who were innocent and belongs to needy and poor class of our society.

He said that about 500 prisoners were freed by submitting their fines through Saiban and about 121 prisoners were freed by providing surety in courts. He added all the legal process were followed free of charge by the lawyers of Saiban Legal Aid Committee and Saiban also provided the expenditures for all those prisoners who belong to different cities of Pakistan, where they could start a new life as a respectable citizen.

Haider ali told the meeting that on the Independence day occasion Sweets were distributed among the prisoners, along with the provincial minister for Prison.

On Eid ul Fitr, Dozens of Prisoners in different Jails of Karachi were provided monthly households (Raashan), educational expenses for their children and Medicines to the needy prisoners were also distributed by Saiban.

He said that Assistance in the arrangement of marriages of poor and needy persons and also a number of women legal matters were solved legally in courts. Joint Secretary Saiban Fatah Mohammad Qureshi also speaks on the occasion.

For more information, contact:
Haider Ali Haider
General Secretary
Saiban International Welfare Organisation
Tel: +92333-2156085


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