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Armed miscreants raid Punjab University hostel

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Lahore: Groups of armed miscreants reportedly belonging to Islami Jamiat Talaba raided Punjab University Hostel # 7 in the wee hours of Sunday. While entering the hostel area through gate number 4, the miscreants reported to the security guards that they were going to participate in a “Dars-e-Quran”. After entering hostel number 7, their true designs come to light when they assaulted a number of rooms of the hostel and opened fire.

They severely injured many including Shahid Mahmood Gull, superintendent hostel number 7 and Assistant Professor at Philosophy Department, Mr Hassan Siddiqi, Assistant Superintendent and teacher at Zoology Department, Chokidar Mumtaz and among students Muhammad Shahid, Hafiz Shahrukh, Kashif and Ghulam Ishaq of Philosophy Department. The injured were taken to Sheikh Zayed hospital first having suffered serious loss of blood and later were referred to Jinnah Hospital after normal treatment because of police case. However, when the university security force appeared on the scene along with hostel administration including superintendent and hall area president, the miscreants managed to flee by jumping over the boundary walls of the hostel. The case has been registered with the local police.

The Punjab University Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran held an emergency meeting of the deans and principals of colleges early Sunday morning to discuss the grave situation arising out of the sinister raid and the designs of the assailant students to disrupt the peaceful academic environment of the university. Later, the VC visited hostel number 7 along with senior members of the administration and also shared his feelings of deep sympathy with the injured students who were assured by him that the administration and Punjab government would take all necessary steps for the safety and protection of the students and also ensured exemplary punishment to the miscreants and law breakers.

The students, in response to the VC’s address, assured him that they would not be deterred by a handful of indiscipline students who were disrupting the academic environment of the university because the overwhelming majority of the students community fully appreciated the efforts made by the administration to strive for high quality of excellence in various faculties which has resulted in the attainment of top ranking in the ratings of all other universities of the country. They said this was possible only due to the tremendous hard work and team spirit of the various faculty and principals of various colleges under the leadership of the vice chancellor.

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