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Asia Insurance Company Limited’s declaration of right Issue for the Year Ended 31.12.2011

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Karachi: We have to inform you that Board of Directors of our Company in their meeting held on Wednesday June 15, 2011 at 11 a.m at Registered office, 456-K, Model Town, Lahore recommended the following:

(i) Cash Dividend
A final Cash Dividend at Rs. Nil per share i.e Nil%

(ii) Bonus Share
It has been recommended by the Board of Directors to issue the Bonus Share in the proportion of Nil share(s) for every Nil share(s) held i.e. Nil %. Tins is in addition to Interim Bonus Shares already issued @ Nil %.

(iii) Right Shares
The Board has recommended to issue 20% Right Shares at per i.e Rs.10 per share in proportion of 2 shares for every 10 shares subject to approval of SECP.

(iv) Any other Entitlement/Corporate Action

(V) Any other Price-Sensitive Information

For more information, contact:
Company Secretary
Asia Insurance Company Limited
456-K, Model Town, Lahore
Tel: +9242 35916801-3
Fax: +9242 35865579


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