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Monday, September 27th, 2021

Asian Development Bank appreciates Benazir Income Support Programme’s efforts for Poverty Alleviation

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Islamabad: Benazir Income Support Programme IBISP) is ready to share its experiences with the world especially with the poverty stricken Asian nations so that the menace of poverty can be eradicated from the region and the goal of mutual growth and prosperity can be achieved. This was said by Chairperson Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP), Ms. Farzana Raja while talking to Mr. Siraj Shamas-ud-Din, Executive Director (ED), Asian Development Bank (ADB) who called on her at BISP Secretariat in Islamabad.

Chairperson BISP also apprised ADB’s Executive Director about various components of BISP and the progress that the programme has achieved in last three years with a thumping impact to bring positive economic changes in the lives of the millions of its beneficiaries. She told the visiting ADB official that BISP has launched various graduation strategies providing interest free micro financing, demand driven vocational and technical training along with Life Insurance Scheme to help beneficiary families stand on their feet and become self reliant.

Executive Director ADB appreciated the efforts of BISP regarding poverty alleviation and was of the view that ADB’s current assistance to BISP of US$ 150 million is being utilized properly by the programme.

Mr. Siraj Shamas-ud-Din informed Ms. Farzana Raja that various countries of the region are interested in observing the methods and procedures adopted by BISP so that they can implement similar sort of social safety nets to eradicate poverty. Chairperson BISP agreed to share BISP’s expertise and support to such countries of the Region as may be recommended by the ADB.

ADB Executive Director showed his great interest in Scorecard Survey being carried out by BISP throughout Pakistan to identify deserving beneficiaries and termed it a remarkable achievement.

Ms, Farzana Raja also informed Mr. Siraj Shamas-ud-Din that BISP is designing a new initiative of Conditional Cash Transfer for increasing school enrolment in the poverty hit areas of the country. This will be another initiative of BISP to provide free education to the children of beneficiary families thus help breeding an educated generation to bring out a positive social change in the coming years.

For more information, contact:
Shafquat Ali
Assistant Media Officer
Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) – Sindh
Cell: +92333 239 4466


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