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Friday, September 24th, 2021

Association of Women for Awareness and Motivation urges Government to root out exploitation of women workers

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Faisalabad: Association of Women for Awareness and Motivation (AWAM) organized a training workshop on the theme “The Promotion and Protection of Human Rights of Women Workers” at Gilalipur Chak # 72 J.B in which 26 participants including women workers, students and representatives of local CBOs participated. The facilitators included; Nazia Sardar (Chairperson AWAM), Naseem Anthony (Executive Secretary AWAM), Afsheen Patras and Amna Bano, who discussed current situation of labourers, role of women worker in economy of Pakistan, labour laws and policies and ILO C-177. The keynote of the workshop were to build capacity of women workers to identify their problems and its resolves within their capacity, and to raise awareness about basic human rights concepts and importance of ILO-C177 for social protection of women workers of informal sectors.

Nazia Sardar said that a huge number of women workers were un-aware about their basic human rights due to unfriendly and inappropriate laws and policies, therefore they faced discrimination in wages which is injustice. It is the state’s responsibility to ensure social protection and appropriate wage accordingly to their labour by formulating fair policies and laws, she added.

Naseem Anthony said that it is very hard to ensure socio-economic protection of women workers in the existence of feudalism and capitalism. He emphasized to root out the feudalism and capitalism by forming policies and laws to empower women workers of informal sectors for providing equal opportunities and resources along with social protection, and for ending their exploitations.

Afsheen Patras that women class is facing socio-economic and gender based discrimination. She emphasized upon unity and mobilization of public representatives, civil society, labour departments and women workers by themselves to change the lot of women workers.

Amna Bano connected the current depressing and exploitation situation of women workers to inflation, terrorism and unemployment. She demanded from the government to acknowledge workers engaged in informal sectors as workers, and to formulate policies and strategies to overcome the problems confronting women workers.

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