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Baldia factory fire case

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Karachi, January 28, 2013 (PPI-OT): Reacting on the debate ongoing all over the media/press and the Parliament of Pakistan on the incident of fire in the garment factory Ali Enterprises, in Baldia Town, Karachi on 11th September 2012 Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry reiterates its position on the matter for all the concerned.

Karachi Chamber’s point of view is that it was undoubtedly a horrible incident of fire and the loss of 259 lives is a colossal tragedy and by all means it should be investigated fairly and the responsibility be fixed and whosoever is found at fault or negligence must be punished accordingly as per the law of the land and all such measures be taken to avoid such reoccurrence in future. Karachi Chamber strongly believes that all the affected families must be compensated accordingly that is why Karachi Chamber had requested all the concerned to compensate the victim’s families including the owners.

It is pertinent to mention here that Federal and Sindh Governments have already compensated. KCCI has also been able to get other garment factories to adjust the employees who have lost their jobs in the said incident. The employers are also providing ration and necessary medical help to the victim’s families and injured. KCCI will make sure that the owners compensate the victims adequately.

Karachi Chamber and all the Business and Industrial Community of Karachi had reservations from the day one in respect of handling this Baldia fire tragedy, instead of conducting fair and impartial investigation and as a result thereof fixing the responsibility / charges, an FIR was lodged against the owners with PPC 302 (Premeditated murder) along with other clauses pertaining to negligence / accident etc. etc.

KCCI has been agitating the application of PPC302 in an industrial accident case as KCCI believes no industrialists or businessmen would purposely destroy his own factory and commit murder of his own workers and it is also not according to the law. KCCI had taken up this matter at all the forums including with the Prime Minister of Pakistan at KCCI’s function on 29th December 2012.

The Prime Minister did not withdraw the cases but rightfully instructed the Chief Secretary of Sindh to revisit the case along with the Police and Home Department of Sindh and make sure whether the application of PPC302 which means premeditated murder was as per law and merit. Accordingly due legal process was carried out and the supplementary challan was submitted in the Court and this matter can and will only be settled by the Court as per the law of the land.

Karachi Chamber and the Business and Industrial Community of Karachi would like to ask from all the segments of the society who have indulged in this matter for whatever reasons.

1 Where and in which country of the world, they have a law to apply murder charges against anybody in accidental cases?

2 Where and in which country of the world, the law is applied differently on different segments of the society in the same cases?

3 Why in case of a factory fire in Lahore around the same time PPC302 was not applied in the FIR where 24 lives were lost?

4 KCCI would like to ask the NGO who have representation in 15 European countries, please let us know which of these countries have applied according to their law murder charges where accidents have taken place in their country?

5 Has anybody considered the implications of comments by non judicial people/forums on this matter with regards to destroying the very fabric of the society?

6 Being an Islamic country and being Muslims have we considered that we all will die one day and are answerable to Almighty Allah?

7 Being Muslims have we considered that different segments of the society have been created by Allah and in the eyes of law as well as Almighty Allah all humans are equal and we cannot treat differently anybody because he is poor or rich?

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