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Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

Bill Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Cameron and Richard Branson Participate in the 2nd International Forum on Sustainability in Brazil

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by March 23, 2011 General

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SAO PAULO, March 23, 2011 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ —

Agenda includes challenges to economic, social and environmental sustainability Former US President Bill Clinton, former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, Virgin Group founder Richard Branson and filmmaker James Cameron will all speak at the 2nd INTERNATIONAL FORUM ON SUSTAINABILITY, which is scheduled to take place March 24 through 26 in Manaus, Brazil. The event is being produced by SEMINARS, a Brazilian company that plans business seminars, and promoted by LIDE (Brazil’s Business Leaders’ Group), which includes 750 associate companies that together represent 46% of Brazil’s private GDP.

The 2ND INTERNATIONAL FORUM ON SUSTAINABILITY will debate “Economic, Environmental and Social Sustainability of the Amazon and the Planet” and will be attended by sustainability specialists Dan Epstein, Adam Werbach and Paul Hawken as well as 600 business, political and environmental leaders form Brazil and around the world.

The purpose of the forum is to publicize successful sustainable-development practices and mechanisms in the Amazon, to demonstrate the rain forest’s economic and environmental value and to show how the forest impacts the region and the world. “We will forge a political and business commitment to the planet’s sustainable development,” stressed LIDE President Joao Doria Jr.

The keynote speakers will be Brazil’s Minister of the Environment Izabella Teixeira, Amazonas Governor Omar Aziz, Senator Eduardo Braga; Manaus Mayor Amazonino Mendes and Joao Doria Jr. Schwarzenegger will present the debates together with his friend James Cameron under the rubric “Public Policies that Favor Sustainability.” These will be followed by “Big Events and Sustainable Cities,” presented by Dan Epstein, Head of Sustainable Development and Regeneration for the London Olympic Games.

Day two includes Branson’s presenting “Business Strategies for Decarbonizing the Economy”; environmental activist Adam Werbach’s presenting “Internalizing Sustainability in Businesses”; environmentalist and businessman Paul Hawken presenting “Brazil and the Dynamics of Sustainability” and Hawken and Werbach discussing “How to do Business in Favor of the Planet.”

The final day of the forum features Bill Clinton’s discussing “Humanism and Sustainability”; a speech by former Sao Paulo Environmental Secretary Fabio Feldmann entitled “A Plan for the Sustainability of Brazil”; Amazonas Senator Eduardo Braga’s giving a talk entitled “The Sustainable Development of the Amazon Rain Forest”; and closing remarks by LIDE President Joao Doria Jr. and by Amazonas Governor Omar Aziz.


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