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Saturday, October 16th, 2021

Board Meeting

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Karachi: We are pleased to inform you that for the approval of following accounts:

Quarter ended December 31st, 2010.

Half year ended March 3lst, 2011 the meeting of Board of Directors will be held on May 28th,2011 at 2:00 Pm at registered office of the Company.

The Company has declared the Closed Period from May 21st 2011 to May 28th 2011 as required under Clause (Xxvi) of the Code of Corporate Governance contained in the Listing Regulation No.35 of the Exchange, Accordingly, no Director, CEO or Executive shall, directly/ indirectly, deal in the shares of the Company in any manner during the Closed Period.

For more information. contact:
Bawany Sugar Mills Limited (BAWS)
Company Secretary
Bawany Sugar Mills Limited
1st Floor, Block-2, Hockey Club of Pakistan Stadium, Karachi – 75350,Pakistan.
UAN: +9221 111-666-447
Tel: +9221 35655131-4
Fax: +9221 35680533


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