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British Lawyers agree with Pakistani Lawyers to work jointly for Rule of Law and Justice in the Country

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Lahore: Association of Pakistani Lawyers a team of Pakistani origin lawyers, Solicitors, Barristers, and Judges in UK expressed their willingness to work with Punjab Bar Council and fellow lawyers fraternity in Pakistan for rule of law and justice, lawyers welfare in the country. Delegation(s) of PBC headed by Lehrasib Gondal Vice chairman 2011 of PBC along with elected members Punjab Bar Council including, with Mr. Muhammad Lehrasib Khan Gondal, Mr. Mumtaz Mustafa, Mr. Ghulam Abbas Nissoana, Rana Muhammad Akram Khan, Mr. Muhammad Bashir Peracha , Malik Ghulam Mustafa Kandwal, Mr. Shafqat Ali Bhatti, Rao Abdul Ghaffar , Mr. Amir Munir Bagri, Ch. Noor Samand Khan , Sardar Qurban Ali Dogar, Mr. Ghulam Murtaza Chaudhry, Mr. Awais Ahmad Qazi, Mr. Faryad Ali Chaudhry, Rana Abdul Rehman, Mr. Muhammad Javaid Pervez Akhtar attended a bilateral meeting at a seminar titled, “Role of Overseas Pakistanis and Lawyer Community in the development of Pakistan and judicial policy and challenges faced by independent judiciary post long March.’

APL was represented by Amjad Malik as its chair, Ilyas Gondal Secretary, Mohammed Rafiq, Maria Khalid, Solicitor(s) Nadeem Malik of Malik Laws, Azeem Malik of Greenheads Solicitors, Saleem Shah of Shah Solicitors, Kabir Ahmed of Kabir Law Associates, Maqbool Malik of Malik laws, Javed Akbar advocate, Barrister Munsif Dar Mirza, Barrister Ahmed Nadeem, Barrister Ahmed Faraz Khan, Barrister Kashif Iqbal, Kashif Hameed, Ikram Rafiq, Idrees Mohammed, and Hasan Mann.

Mr. Muhammad Aslam Ghumman, Mr. Ch Arshad Ali, and Mr. Muhammad Iqbal Khan all Advocates of Superior Court represented the Supreme Court Bar of Pakistan. Dr Malik, Haji Abdul Ghafoor, Ch Shahid Ahmad, Javed Khan, two former Lord Mayors namely Rafiq Malik, and Cllr Najeeb along with community elders made special attendance due to a particular interest in rule of law in Pakistan and lawyers welfare and few students attended as observers. Imam Chishti began the event by reciting the verses from Quran and Amjad Malik gave a welcome address and highlighted the goals of such interaction and the need to strengthen the links amongst lawyer community of both societies to bridge the gap and widen the awareness campaign for each other’s rights.

Athar Minallah Advocate Supreme Court and spokesman for Chief Justice of Pakistan during struggle for independent judiciary was a key note speaker, and highlighted the way forward to achieve such goals. Consul General of Pakistan at Manchester Ehsan Ullah Bhatt attended the event. Imam Chishti highlighted the role of Islamic jurisprudence in attaining a just society. Rtd Honourable first Pakistani origin Member European parliament Sajjad Karim was the chief guest who supported the drive, welcomed the foreign delegation and highlighted the need to emancipate overseas Pakistanis who are at verge of losing basic rights due to controversial dual nationality bill barring overseas Pakistanis to vote and contest elections.

APL Association of Pakistani Lawyers’ along with his delegation and delegation on behalf of ‘Punjab Bar Council’ held their meeting on Saturday 9 July 2011 at 12.00 pm at: APL Chambers at 149 Drake Street, Rochdale, OL11 1EF, United Kingdom ratified a memorandum of understanding vowing for the promotion of rule of law, justice and for the cause of lawyer’s benefits in line with the objectives already set, in 26 August 2006 communication which is as following, “To continue bilateral visits for mutual co-operation and pooling of knowledge amongst the legal fraternity with Pakistani connection or origin and for their welfare and promotion in their legal careers or professions in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Law Society of England and Wales and Pakistan Bar Council and relevant national legislation.

Where ever necessary, amendments will be brought to advance the case of lawyers for the cause and betterment of common man to interact with the judicial, administrative and legal professional bodies in England (UK) and Pakistan, in the areas of law, constitutional matters, legal and professional affairs and other related issues to lawyers and common man to work in promoting and upholding the dignity, nobility and high status of the legal profession and to assist the lawyer as well as mainstream community in solving their problems and any conflict and differences to help the Pakistani community in becoming aware of their legal rights and their obligations in abiding with the laws of the land whether in Pakistan or United Kingdom and or abroad, and in becoming good citizens with high morals to promote interaction and co-operation with other individuals, associations and institutions, Governments, and professional bodies and to facilitate an environment in which the above aims and objectives can be achieved democratically and fairly.

It was further agreed to speed up their efforts to bring about a positive change in a common man’s life especially those who are in litigation and particularly in Pakistan which is strong in mind and rich in culture, deserves to see a change in their day to day life with economic betterment and access to justice, to work for lawyer’s welfare in both communities, and the exchange of the members of both societies must continue in order to foster good relations, lawyers welfare, and enhanced interaction, to the need to address the issue of discrimination faced by lawyers of both societies so that qualified lawyers of both jurisdiction(s) are accommodated subject to compliance of the law of the land that overseas Pakistanis problems should be addressed especially the issue of ‘illegal possession of their lands and properties at the hands of land mafia’ and implication in ‘false cases’ to raise it at the highest concerned quarters for proper consideration and if needed a change in law”.

This was series of seminars conducted by APL in the wake of lawyers struggle for independence of judiciary. APL presented a certificate of recognition to all members of delegation and Rt. Hon. Sajjad Karim presented those certificates to appreciate PBC efforts during Chief Justice’s struggle. Vice Chairman PBC Mr. Lehrasib Gondal presented a shield to Barrister Amjad Malik for playing a historic role from UK during the lawyers movement in Pakistan, and for rendering meritorious services for interaction of the UK lawyers and Pakistani lawyers for solving each other’s problems.

Malik on behalf of Punjab Bar Council. A special recognition was made to Ghulam Rasool Shehzad for his voluntary output and Imam Irfan Chishti for his services as a role model highlighting the relevance of Islam and justice. Both were earlier recognised by queen of England for their services to community. Hasan Mann acted as stage secretary. Barrister Amjad Malik hosted a luncheon in honour of the participants of the seminar at a local restaurant, and Secretary APL Ilyas Gondal offered a vote of thanks.

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