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Wednesday, October 20th, 2021

Central Development Working Party Meeting held today under the chairmanship of Deputy Chairman Planning Commission

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Islamabad: CDWP meeting was held today under the chairmanship of Deputy Chairman Planning Commission, Dr. Nadeem Ul Haque. The meeting was attended by the sponsoring agencies and the representatives from Provincial Governments and Special Areas.

CDWP considered 38 projects costing Rs 180.5 billion including Foreign Aid of Rs 75.0 billion. Of the 38 projects, 22 projects relate to Infrastructure sector costing Rs 119.0 billion and 13 projects in Social sector costing Rs 59.0 billion and 3 projects costing Rs 2.3 billion relate to Industries and Commerce sector, were approved / recommended by CDWP. This meeting was held especially to consider the projects, being funded with foreign assistance and Flood related activities. Of 38 projects, 12 projects will be funded with foreign aid by various donor agencies.

CDWP is authorized to approve projects costing over Rs 1.0 billion. Today, CDWP recommended 13 projects costing Rs 170 billion to ECNEC for consideration / approval. Out of 38 projects, 7 projects have been revised and their net addition to the approved original cost (Rs 13.0 billion) is Rs 18.7 billion. 12 projects are budgeted in PSDP 2010-11 with an allocation of Rs 8.325 billion.

Within Infrastructure, 5 projects are of Energy Sector costing Rs 33 billion. Main projects of energy include; “Dispersal of Power from 747 MW Power Plant at Guddu (Rs 8 billion)”, “Renewable Energy Development Sector Investment Program (REDSIP) (Rs 12 billion)” sponsored by Government of the Punjab and “Renewal Energy Development Sector Investment Program (REDSIP) (Rs 13.0 billion)” sponsored by Ministry of Water and Power . In Transport and Communication Sector, 6 projects costing Rs 77 billion have been approved/ recommended, mainly included “Rehabilitation of KKH at Barrier Lake, Attabad, Hunza and Gilgit-Baltistan (17 Km new + 7 Km Rehabilitation) (Rs 24 billion)”, “National Highway Improvement Program (N-5) (Revised) (Rs 29.5 billion)” and “Earthquake Damaged Road Projects (Rs 15 billion)”.

Likewise, in Water Sector, the main projects included “Construction of Shadi Kaur Dam, Appurtenant Works and Related Water Conveyance Irrigation System, (Rs 4.2 billion)” and “Restoration of Flood Damage Work 2010 in Irrigation Zone, D.G. Khan (Rs 464 million)”.

Main projects of Social Sector included “Population Programmes of Federal, Provincial and AJ and K together costing Rs 48.7 billion), This programme was placed before CDWP for recommendation / approval for a period of five years (2010-15) to be funded by federal government during the period of current NFC Award in light of Council of Common Interests decision dated 28th April, 2011 in backdrop of 18th amendment to the Constitution. Projects of Education sector included “Education Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of 326 Flood Damaged School / College Buildings in 10 Districts of AJ and K (Rs 4.0 billion). Of Health Sector “Establishment of Bannu Medical College Bannu (Phase-II) (Rs 1.9 billion) etc.

In Industry sector, important projects were “Economic Revitalization in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA costing Rs 1.8 billion. These projects will be funded with foreign aid assistance from World Bank through Multi Donor Trust Funds in the shape of grant.

Concept clearance of a project “Installation of 50 MW Solar Pilot Project in Sindh and Punjab provinces” costing Rs 300.00 million, seeking foreign aid of Rs 210 million was also considered / approved today by the CDWP.

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