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Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Chairman National Disaster Management Authority briefs Media about the Floods Situation in Sindh and Kohistan

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by August 30, 2011 Miscellaneous

Islamabad: In order to apprise representatives of the Media about the current flood situation in Sindh and Kohistan, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) held a briefing; the Chairman NDMA conducted the briefing.

Speaking at the briefing, the Chairman NDMA, Dr. Zafar Qadir said that according to the decision of the Parliament, disaster management is a devolved subject and a provincial responsibility. He informed that in case of a disaster, the DDMAs and the PDMAs are the first respondents, if their efforts fall short of the scale of disaster then they ask NDMA for help. Dr. Zafar Qadir said that the Flood Contingency Plan was ready and was being followed.

He said that so far all the rescue and relief initiatives in the flood ravaged areas of Sindh have been funded by the Federal and respective Provincial governments.

Dr. Zafar Qadir stated that the NDMA has provided 17700 tents, 354,000 Family Ration Packs and One Million Hygiene Sanitation Tablets, 30,000 Mosquito Nets, 10,000Mosquito Repellent Oil, 40,000 Blankets, and 13 Water Purification Units to the flood hit areas of Sindh.

The Chairman NDMA said that the situation in flash flood hit area of Kohistan is also under control. The NDMA has provisioned all the required relief goods for the affectees and is in constant liaison with the district authorities. He informed that Pakistan Army helicopters are also on call to meet challenges of any emergent situation.

Dr. Zafar Qadir highly appreciated the media for conducting responsive reporting in case of disasters.

For more information, contact:
Ahmed Kamal
National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA)
Tel: +9251 9215412
Cell: +92300 5278981 and +92331-5657779
Email: [email protected]


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