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Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Chairman National Disaster Management Authority briefs Media about the Floods

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Islamabad: The recent erratic monsoon pattern has affected the whole of the country but Sindh is the worst affected. In order to apprise representatives of Media about the current situation in the flood affected areas and initiatives of Federal government and the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) in providing rescue and relief to the affected population, the Chairman NDMA, Dr. Zafar Qadir conducted a Press Briefing. The representatives of leading print and electronic media attended the briefing.

Informing representatives of the media about the floods, Dr. Zafar Qadir said that due to the floods, nearly 4 Million acres of land is inundated, 1.7 Million acres of cropped land has been submerged destroying 80% of Banana, Dates, Chilli, Sugar Cane and especially Cotton crop (equivalent of 2.3 Million Bales destroyed), and a total of 690,000 houses have been destroyed.

Giving details of rescue and relief efforts by the Federal government and the NDMA in the flood hit areas, Chairman NDMA said that the public sector is fully geared up to meet this challenge with the help of available resources.

He said that although disaster management is a devolved subject and therefore a provincial responsibility, but the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has directed to help Sindh government and fill the resource gaps.

Dr. Zafar Qadir stated that presently there are 1400 relief camps in the affected areas with 4 Million affectee population. He informed that NDMA was the first to dispatch tent consignment to the affected areas and so far 40,000 tents have been provided to the flood hit areas, out of which 12000 were provided by the Sindh government, while 28,000 were supplied by the NDMA.

He said that the Federal government has already purchased the entire tent production of the country and 150,000 more tents will be dispatched to the affected areas in the next two weeks. The Chairman NDMA said that so far 600,000 family ration packs have been provided to the flood affectees out of which more than 500,000 have been the contribution of the NDMA while 32000 have been provided by Pakistan Bait-ul-Maal.

He informed that the Sindh government provided dewatering pumps but as the requirement was more, NDMA got dewatering pumps manufactured from Gujranwala even during the Eid holidays. Dr. Zafar Qadir said that 8.5 Million Aqua tablets, 10 Million Sanitation tablets have been provided to the affected areas and soon 50,000 to 60,000 family ration packs shall be supplied daily to the flood affected population.

The Chairman NDMA said that as soon as the water will recede, NDMA will launch two Technical and Survey teams to ascertain losses and provide relief to the affected populace.

A detailed question and answer session ensued after the briefing. Answering various questions of the journalists, the Chairman NDMA said that so far the Federal government has spent Rs. 1.5 Billion on the rescue and relief efforts and soon this figure will reach Rs. 7 to 8 Billion. He said that the government will soon launch National Appeal for the floods.

Dr. Zafar Qadir said that no available technology can predict the erratic weather phenomenon which caused recent flooding. He observed that the Floods 2010 were widespread while Floods 2011 are more concentrated on the left side of the Indus. He said that NDMA has deputed its representative in every effected district to monitor and ensure transparent supply of relief goods to the affected souls.

For more information, contact:
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