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China’s horse capital Xilingol League eyes faster ride in equine industry growth

by December 17, 2019 Press Release

XILINGOL LEAGUE, China, Dec. 17, 2019 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/– Xilingol League, located in north China, boasts rich grassland culture and Mongolian horse culture, and enjoys unique equine industry development resources and a long history. Its traditional horse industry occupies an important position in the whole country and Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It is also the core birthplace of the world famous horse breed “Mongolian Horse” and was honored “Chinese Capital of Horses” by the China Horse Industry Association in 2010.

Xilingol League has extended its industrial chain around the development of the “Chinese Capital of Horses” cultural industry gathering area in recent years, promoting equine culture, tourism, competition, products and other related fields with remarkable progress.

As the core area of “Chinese Capital of Horses”, Xilinhot City has devoted itself to the high-quality development of the modern equine industry. It has implemented a number of key projects such as the cultural eco-tourism area and setting up the Zhongyun Horse Industry Group, hosted top equestrian events at home and abroad to promote the transformation and development of the traditional equine industry into a modern one and boost the horse capital’s reputation and influence.

Xilingol League has also cultivated a number of well-known equine cultural tourism festival brands such as the “White Horse Culture Festival” and the “Dark Horse Culture Festival”. Local governments have leveraged traditional Mongolian festivals to develop various tourism products and roll out projects like leisure riding and equestrian performances. Efforts have been made to enhance the research, development, production and sales of tourism products featuring equine elements such as saddles, whips and stirrups, enabling a faster ride in equine cultural tourism development.

Source: The Publicity Department of Xilingol League

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