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Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

Deteriorating conditions at camps Stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh demand early return

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Karachi: Green flags can be seen hoisted on the camps of stranded Pakistanis’ camps in Bangladesh. If loving Pakistan is a crime, we will keep committing this crime till our last breath.

These views were expressed by Assistant Secretary General of Stranded Pakistanis’ General Repatriation Committee (SPGRC) , Haroon Rasheed while talking to the leaders of Stranded East Pakistanis Movement H.I Siddiqui, Haider Ali Haider and Sheikh Muhammad Nizam-ud-din about the conditions of the Pakistanis at the camps.

Rashid said that on the occasion of World Cricket Cup in Bangladesh, Pakistanis there wore green clothes and enthusiastically waved Pakistani flags, which was witnessed by the entire world. He said that if they are allowed to come back, they woulded not become burden as they are a hard-working nation and will play their role in the development of the country.

He revealed that the stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh can hardly avail onetime meal as they are not receiving any sort of aid from any part of the world. Moreover, a large number of elders at the camps are in a deteriorating condition due to unavailability of food and medical facilities.

Expressing his views, H.I Siddiqui said that the stranded Pakistanis fought war for the survival of the country and have every right to return back to Pakistan. Haider Ali Haider said that not repatriating the Pakistanis is tantamount to disgracing their patriotism and ideology. Speaking on the occasion, Shaikh Nizam-ud-Din said that Chief Justice Supreme Court, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry should take suo motu notice to bring back stranded Pakistanis and issue relevant orders to government in this regard.

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