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Wednesday, November 25th, 2020

Developmental Projects Can Uplift the Standard of Living in Federally Administered Tribal Areas: Engr. Shoukat Ullah

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Islamabad: A meeting took place under the chairmanship of Federal Minister for SAFRON Engr, Shoukat Ullah held in his office in Islamabad. In the meeting, the representatives of the UNDP-UNHCR, refugees affected and hosting areas (RAHA) and the FATA Disaster Management Authority participated.

The agenda of the meeting was to discuss the development of the RAHA project sponsored by German donor agency KFW in those areas of Pakistan, which have directly affected from the hosting of the Afghan Refugees since the 1979 where the Afghan refugees migrated to Pakistan.

The Federal Minister was briefed upon the progress of the inter agency early recovery needs assessment (IAERNA) and Refugees Affected and Hosting Areas programme.

“The Federal Minister Shoukat Ullah directed that the process of the RAHA project at FATA area should be expedited. He said, “FATA is directly affected from the Afghan war. It is still in the front line against the war on terror. The Afghan Refugees in FATA has affected both the flora and Fona of the area and even in some of the areas the population of Afghan refugees was greater than the local population”.

He assured the donor agencies that every possible help will be given to them for their security and working in FATA area. He shut down the perception that FATA is in secure for developments projects.

“The Government machinery is operating and the local administration is helping the agencies for their development activities” the Minister expressed.

It is pertinent to mention that RAHA is a programme launched in 2009 for those area which have hosted the Afghan Refugees and to rehabilitated them effected area. It will substantially improving the standard of living of 1 million Pakistanis, who have or who are still hosting Afghan in most districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan.

The Federal Minister also directed the concerned circles of the RAHA project to make survey of the two districts of Punjab i.e. district Attock and district Mianwali which have also affected are still affecting from the hosting of Afghan refugees.

As per the objective of the RAHA projects to improve livelihoods, rehabilitate the environment and enhance social cohesion with in communities of refugees affected and hosting areas.

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