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Dreamworld Limited’s free float of shares as on March 31, 2012

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Total Outstanding Shares32,000,000
Shares held by Directors/Sponsors6,775,100
Government Holding as Promoter/Acquirer/Controller
Shares held by Associated Companies (Cross Holding)25,146,600
Shares held with general public in Physical Form63,700
Free Float14,600
Total number of shares available in CDS14,600
Total number of Shares in Physical form31,985,400


For Dreamworld Limited (DREL)

For more information, contact:
Dreamworld Limited
Dreamworld tower, 65-A. M,
Strachan Road, opp. Arts Council,
Behind Sindh Assembly,
Karachi-75640 Pakistan,
UAN: 111- Resort (737-678)
Ph: (021) 3219236-46 (11 Lines)
Fax: (021) 32219207


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