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Economic stability hidden in proper education

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Islamabad: Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) on Saturday said standard of education needs to be improved so that economy can get a boost.

Good educational institutions are imperative to develop country, economy and society in these times of rapid changes and slowing momentum of higher education, said Raza Khan, Chairman Coordination, FPCCI.

Speaking as Chief Guest at the opening ceremony of 6th Sales Gala, organised National University of Modern Languages (NUML), he said that there are gaps between education and application that needs to be bridged for the sake of future generations.

He said that process of learning could be made more effective if the students are exposed to the real working conditions where they can apply their knowledge. Unfortunately, we lack such a culture, he added.

Such initiatives help business students gain experience and enhance skills like planning, organising finances, proficiency, techniques, communications, negotiation, bargaining, convincing, etc, said Raza Khan.

He said that most of the educational institutions and business schools have yet to realise importance of transforming technical knowledge into practical training which leave students unprepared to face real life challenges.

We must understand that the critical education cannot be strengthened in absence of practical training, he said.

The FPCCI official told students that honesty and commitments are the best and cheapest tools to attract customers.

He lauded the initiative of NUML calling it a truly training session for the students adding that students have done wonders.

“Organisers of the event deserve full credit for this wonderful trade fair,” said Raza Khan adding that such events should be held twice a year.

Earlier, the chief guest visited stalls, appreciated the efforts of students as well as sponsors, and advised as well as probed them with questions.

The event was a unique blend of theory and practice to help the students understand the fundamentals and trends in business and explore opportunities.

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