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Education ensures bright future – Chancellor Nizami

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Karachi: Chancellor Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology, Engr. Z.A. Nizami has said that education transforms the learning capacity of people and helps bring change for a brighter future.

“The educated people give birth to innovative ideas out of curiosity”, he said while speaking at a reception held at the university to honour Dr Syed Mohsin Raza, a senior Aligarhian now on a visit here.

Dr Mohsin Raza did his MBBS from Aligarh Muslim University in the first batch and spearheaded the students’ union there as its President.

Recalling his memories at Aligarh Muslim University, Chancellor Nizami said education is bound to lead the future towards a prosperous era in a nation’s life and that was why the great educationist and reformer Sir Syed Ahmed Khan always emphasized upon practical and professional know-how with strict adherence to character building and career planning.

On the occasion Dr Mohsin Raza gave a very informative and inspiring talk with data about present day status of Aligarh Muslim University and remarked that education does facilitate the educated communities to achieve success and their set targets.

He told the gathering that a number of alumni from Aligarh University guided the struggle for independence. Even today whoever goes to visit the university he is conquered by the culture and tradition of the university.

He said female students at Aligarh University are very active and recently they demonstrated for the rights of Muslim women in Europe and raised voice for their freedom to wear “hijab” in western countries.

The establishment of Mohammedan Anglo Oriental (MAO) College in 1875 is considered as the first significant response of the Indian Muslims to the challenges of post 1857 era. It was an important catalyst in a process of social change among Muslims.

In 1920, the Act of Indian Legislative Council elevated the Mohammedan Anglo Oriental College to the status of a Central University and it became the principal Muslim Institution in India. With more than 30000 students,

AMU occupies an exalted position among Indian Universities and its contribution to nation building.

Begum of Bhopal, Sultan Jahan was the first woman to become the founding chancellor of Aligarh Muslim University.

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