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Saturday, July 24th, 2021

Election Commission of Pakistan’s to Hold 4th Consultative Meeting with Political Parties about Electoral Rolls-2011 On 13th September 2011

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Islamabad: The 10th September 2011.- Mr. Ishtiak Ahmad Khan Secretary, Election Commission of Pakistan has said that the ECP is taking steps to make the electoral process more effective, free, fair, transparent and credible for enhancing trust of the stakeholders.

As political parties are key stakeholders, therefore, their participation in democratic process is fundamental to the health of democracy. An open and transparent approach on part of the ECP is, therefore, essential to give the political parties a feeling of inclusiveness in the electoral process.

Mr. Ishtiak said that the ECP has already held three consultative meetings with political parties wherein a number of important electoral issues were discussed, for example, making CNIC issued by
NADRA a mandatory condition for registration of voters as well as casting of vote by amending the relevant law, adoption of Electronic Voting Machine, granting symbols to political parties permanently and preparation of computerized Electoral Rolls-2011 in collaboration with NADRA.

He also informed that the ECP is holding another consultative meeting with political parties on 13.9.2011 (Tuesday) at 11:00 am in the ECP Secretariat, Islamabad, with a view to share progress made with regard to revision of Electoral Rolls-2011 in collaboration with NADRA using latter’s CNIC Database.

The Electoral Rolls-2011 will be based on new Census Blocks, recently demarcated by the Population Census Organization (PCO). Through this consultative meeting, the ECP intends to share the Census Methodology used by the PCO to demarcate the new Census Blocks, the role of NADRA for voter registration in collaboration with ECP and the method adopted on ground verification process for revision of electoral rolls by field officers of the ECP.

Mr. Ishtiak said that the ECP has, therefore, invited two representatives from each Party to participate in the consultative meeting on 13.9.2011 wherein a detailed presentation will be given
to the participants by the PCO, NADRA and ECP.

For more information, contact:
Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP)
Election Commission of Pakistan Secretariat
Election House, Constitution Avenue G-5/2, Islamabad
Tel: +9251 920 1975, +9251 920 6062
Fax: +9251 920 5402, +9251 920 5300


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