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Sunday, August 1st, 2021

Election Commission signs contract with NADRA for Verification, Updation and Augmentation of Electoral Rolls-2011

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Islamabad: As approved by the newly constituted ECP, a contract was signed today between the ECP and NADRA to use NADRA’s citizens Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs) data for verification, updation and augmentation of ECP’s existing voters’ database contained in its Computerized Electoral Rolls System and Supplementary List wherein CNIC number is going to be used as a unique identifier. The Secretary, ECP, Mr. Ishtiak Ahmad Khan, Chairman NADRA, Mr. Ali Arshad Hakeem, signed the contract at a simple but impressive ceremony. The following Senior Officers of the ECP and NADRA were also present:-

1- Mr. Muhammad Afzal Khan, Joint Secretary (Budget)
2- Mr. Imtiaz Alam, Joint Secretary (Admn)
3- Syed Sher Afgan, Joint Secretary (Elections)
4- Mr. Ghias-ud-Din Balban, Joint Secretary (TRE)
5- Qazi Khurshid Ahmed, Deputy Secretary (Budget)
6- Mr. Tariq Malik, Deputy Chairman, NADRA
7- Mr. Gohar Ahmed Khan, Chief Project Officer, NADRA

The Secretary, ECP, Mr. Ishtiak Ahmad Khan, while elaborating the detail of contract, said that NADRA will provide certain other services as well such as:

i- Providing prints of draft electoral rolls based on new census block codes;
ii- digitization of changes made during door to door verification process;
iii- Printing of agreed numbers of sets (copies) of preliminary electoral rolls;
iv- Incorporation of changes made during display process and printing of agreed number of copies of final electoral rolls, its binding and distribution.

Mr. Ishtiak Ahmed Khan, Secretary, ECP further said that preparation of accurate computerized Electoral Rolls has been a constant demand of all the political parties, civil society, media and the entire nation as it constitutes the corner stone of any credible, free and fair elections. He said that it is imperative and need of the day to devise a foolproof system to eliminate any possibility of bogus entries in the Electoral Rolls. Thus, under the direction of Hon’ble Chief Election Commissioner, the Election Commission of Pakistan has been making efforts in this regard for the past one year in collaboration with NADRA to prepare fresh, accurate computerized Electoral Rolls on the basis of database of NADRA pertaining to issuance of Computerized National Identity Cards (CNICs) to all citizens of Pakistan, above the age of 18 years.

The Secretary also drew attention to the recently legislated law by the Parliament under which now the CNIC is mandatory condition for registration as well as casting of vote. Door to door verification of over 80 Million electors having CNIC will start from July, 18 and will continue till August 16, 2011. On behalf of the ECP, the Secretary appealed to all adult citizens of Pakistan to obtain their CNIC from NADRA in order to be able to get registered as a voter as well as to cast their votes. In a democracy, each vote is important as the will of the people is expressed through the ballot.

For more information, contact:
Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP)
Election Commission of Pakistan Secretariat
Election House, Constitution Avenue G-5/2, Islamabad
Tel: +9251 920 1975, +9251 920 6062
Fax: +9251 920 5402, +9251 920 5300


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