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Sunday, August 1st, 2021

Every Pakistani Is Proud of Friendship with China: Senator Talha

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Islamabad: Every Pakistani is proud of the time-tested friendship between Pakistan and China spread over last six decades, said Senator Talha Mehmood, Chairman, Senate Standing Committee on Interior, says a press release received from Chain here today.

He said this during his delegation’s meeting with Ai Ping, Vice Minister, Communist Party of China (CPC) here today.

Senator Talha is leading a parliamentary delegation comprising the representatives from various political parities including JUI (F), PPP, ANP and United Party.

The delegation comprised Naeem Hussain Chattha (Senator, PML-Q), Haji Muhammad Adeel (Senator, ANP), Abdul Haque alias Mian Mitha (MNA, PPP), Syed Ghulam Shah Bokhari (United Party) and Mr. Asim Kakakhel (JUI-F).

Senator Talha said Pakistan sincerely wishes that China continues its march toward prosperity and development. He said the overwhelming joy expressed by a vast majority of Pakistanis across the length and breadth of the country during the visit of Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao in December last year is a manifestation of their feelings.

Senator Talha assured the Chinese authorities that security and wellbeing of the Chinese personnel working on various projects in Pakistan is a major priority for the government of Pakistan. He said Pakistan fully supports China’s stance on Tibet, Xinjiang and Taiwan.

Vice Minister CPC, Ai Ping said that friendly relations between Pakistan and China are in the best interest of both the countries.

He said CPC and the government of China value good relations with Pakistan and would continue taking steps for further strengthening their friendship.

In a separate meeting, Abdul’ahat Abdulrixit, Vice Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) has 2600 members belonging to different walks of life. He said CPPCC takes an active part in advising the state on several affairs including economy and politics.

He said Senate of Pakistan and CPPCC are important state organs and have developed friendly relations with each other during the past several decades.

He expressed the confidence that through concerted efforts by Senate of Pakistan and CPPCC of China the friendship between both the countries would be further enhanced.

Expressing their views during the meeting other members of the delegation said that China has a special place in the heart of every Pakistani.

They said all political parties in Pakistan have consensus on further strengthening friendship with China.

Talking about Pakistan’s contribution in the War Against Terror, Senator Haji Adeel said that ANP has lost six hundred of its members during the last ten years while sacrifices of Pakistan Army and other law enforcement agencies are much more in number.

“We respect China, because China has stood by Pakistan in our times of need,” Naeem Hussain Chattha said.

Abdul Haque alias Mian Mitha said Pakistan is a resilient nation and is coping with the challenges the country is faced with.

After the meeting the delegation held a detailed discussion session with members of the CPPCC’s Committee on Social and Legal Affairs.

Senator Talha briefed the Committee about the working of the Senate and the role being played by the standing committees in ensuring good governance and transparency.

The delegation was informed that the Committee has 91 members and is one of the 9 special committees working under the CPPCC. These members include formal judges, prosecutors, lawyers as well as researchers and academic.

Zhang Fusen, Chairman of the Committee, said the committee plays a role in political consultation and deliberation in state affairs, and particularly focuses on corruption free law enforcement, equality and social justice in the society.

The parliamentary delegation has been invited to China by CPPCC and would visit Beijing, Urumqi and Kashgar during their ten-day stay.

Their visit is part of the 60th anniversary celebrations of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and China. The governments of Pakistan and China have declared 2011 as the Year of Friendship.

Ambassador Masood Khan was also present during the meetings.

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