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Faithful offer last Friday prayer in MasjidulHaram before advent of formal Hajj rituals

by August 2, 2019 General

Faithful in large number offered last Friday prayer in MasjidulHaram today before the advent of formal Hajj rituals.

Radio Pakistan Correspondent Muhammad Akram Khan reports from Makkah that hundreds of thousands of pilgrims from across the globe thronged the Ka’aba to offer Friday prayer and to seek forgiveness of Allah. All the roads leading to the Ka’aba had turned into a running sea of people and entire space surrounding Haram was filled with the pilgrims. The scene was an unmatched example of Muslim brotherhood and unity.

Pakistan Hajj Mission had made elaborate transport arrangements enabling Hujjaj to reach the Haram and return to their residences in a smooth manner. Eightytwo Haram Guides were deployed for Friday prayer on all the entry and exit points of the Grand Mosque to facilitate Pakistani intending pilgrims.

Secretary Religious Affairs Mian Mushtaq Borana, along with his vigilance team, personally supervised the transportation of the Hujjaj.

The Pakistani pilgrims thanked the Pakistan Hajj Mission for making extra ordinary transport arrangements.

Saudi Government had also deployed enough staff to manage the mammoth crowd on Friday.

So far, over 1.3 million pilgrims from across the world have arrived Saudi Arabia.

Many pilgrims from Pakistan and other countries reaching the Kingdom to perform Hajj.

Source: Radio Pakistan