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Faran Sugar Mills Limited’s Financial Results For the Half Year Ended 31st March 2011

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Karachi: We have to inform you that the Board of Directors of our Company in their meeting at registered office of the Company, 2nd Floor Bank House No- 1, Habib Square, MA. Jinnah Road. Karachi recommended the following:

1. Cash Dividend      Nil

2. Bonus Issue           Nil

3. Right Issue            Nil

The Financial Results of the Company are as follows.

 Half Year EndedQaurter Ended
Mar 2011Mar 2010Mar 2011Mar 2010
Sales – net1,947,190,4651,980,519,3181,038,939,9101,013,502,865
Cost of Sales(1,755,647,401)(1,848,658,277)(952,479,749)(1,001,693,565)
Gross profit191,543,064131,861,04186,460,16111,809,300
Operating expenses    
Administrative expenses(28,345,831)(23,541,253)(15,094,241)(13,179,753)
Distribution cost(5,836,645)(3,717,376)(5,002,791)(2,397,911)
Other charges(12,100,496)(8,280,242)(4,709,764)(536,428)
Other income18,252,24518,657,27814,956,78211,850,287
Operating profit163,512,337114,979,44876,610,1477,545,495
Share in profit of associate – net29,367,6678,510,05323,554,265(1,929,833)
Finance cost(21,301,805)(21,812,854)(20,147,626)(18,321,607)
Profit bafore tax171,578,19910,576,54780,016,786(12,705,945)
Profit after tax148,926,07869,105,13982,044,311(18,659,630)
Earnings per share – basic and diluted6.883.193.79(0.86)

For more information, contact:

Muhammad Ayub

CFO and Company Secretary

Faran Sugar Mills Limited

3rd Floor, Bank House No.1 Habib Square,

M.A. Jinnah Road,



UAN: +9221 111-786-878

Fax: +9221 242-1010


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