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Monday, September 27th, 2021

Fauji Cement Company Limited’s auditor’s certificate for issuance of NOC

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Karachi: A certified true copy of Auditor’s certificate reflecting the amount received by share holders and underwriter as required by KSE is sent herewith Please issue an NOC to the Bank for release of funds to FCCL.

Subscription amount of Fauji Cement Company Limited – Issue of Right Shares

Pursuant to our engagement letter referenced 1-1899-2011 dated 27 June 2011, we have checked from the statement and Bank certificates received from the bank that an amount of Rs. 3,189,131,695 has been received towards subscription against issue of 637,826,339 ordinary shares of Rs. 10 each at an issue price of Rs. 5 as right share of Fauji Cement Company Limited (“the Company”) (FCCL). The detail of subscription receipts is as follows:

Amount Received


Shareholders 861,871,010
Underwriter-Fauji Foundation 2,327,260,685


Subscription money received in the following banks:

Amount Received


1. Faysal Bank Limited 1,500,571,520
2. National Bank of Pakistan 1,688,560,175


This Certificate is being issued at your specific request for onwards submission to the stock exchange where the Company’s shares are listed and may be not be utilized for any other purpose without our prior written consent.

For more information, contact:
Brig Sajjad Azam Khan
Company Secretary
Fauji Cement Company Limited
Fauji Towers, Block-III,
68 Tipu Road, Chaklala,
Tel: +9251 9280075
Fax: +9251 9280416


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