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Fazal Cloth Mills Limited’s dispatched of specie dividend / bonus shares

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Karachi: We are pleased to inform you that Specie Dividend and Bonus Shares as sanctioned by the shareholders in the Annual General Meeting held on 31-10-2011 in proportion as shown below have been dispatched under Registered Cover A.D/Courier to the Shareholders at their addresses registered with the Company:-

a. Specie Dividend @ 50% i.e. 9,377,597 quoted shares of Fatima Fertilizer Company Limited having face value of Rs. 10/- each to the shareholders of the Company in the ratio of 5:10 (Five shares of M/s. Fatima Fertilizer Company Limited for every Ten Ordinary Shares held of M/s. Fazal Cloth Mills Limited (FZCM)).

b. Bonus Shares @ 20.50% in the ratio of 2.05 Bonus Shares for every 10 existing Ordinary Shares held by the members of the Company.

For more information, contact:
M.D. Kanwar
Company Secretary
Fazal Cloth Mills Limited
129- 1, Old Bahawalpur Road Multan. (Pakistan)
Ph: 0092-61-4587632- 4782796- 4573339
Fax: 0092-61-4541832


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