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First-ever National Conference on setting standards for 21st Century Pakistan

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Islamabad: The first-ever National Conference on Setting Standards for 21st Century Pakistan is being organized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) on May 26, 2011 at Islamabad. The Conference aims to assemble key stakeholders including parliamentarians, diplomats, entrepreneurs, policymakers, and members of the civil society who will provide an impetus leading to a national pledge to be taken to promote university-community and university-industry linkage.

The event, which will showcase the contribution of higher education sector towards nation building, will highlight the significance of sustainability of a progressive research culture, which ensure flow of knowledge to and from the business and the industrial sector. In this regard a project for the establishment of business/technology incubators in the universities has been initiated. These incubators would ensure an atmosphere where viable start-up companies/entrepreneurships can grow and prosper. These incubator graduates have the potential to create employment, revitalize neighbourhoods, commercialize new technologies, and strengthen local and national economies.

Incubators have a greater impact on the economy when they maintain ties with the university because of the synergy between three important stakeholders – entrepreneurs, universities, and research scholars. There is a conscious strive for innovation and commercialization of the research, which would bring economic prosperity of Pakistan. In order to develop and strengthen the nexus of the universities and the industry, it is important to ensure quality research in areas of importance to industry. Universities must respond to the needs of the economy.

Furthermore, “Science and Technology Parks” are being developed around the world as a means of stimulating start-up and growth of technologically intensive, knowledge-based businesses, and to facilitate the linkages between the researchers and the industrial communities. The Research and Development Division of the HEC promotes establishment of technology parks throughout the country, and the business incubation centres would augment these parks.

This conference will showcase projects initiated in various universities of the country that have already demonstrated significant commercial potential addressing the needs of the industry.

University projects being demonstrated include: Electronic Voting Machine, LED Street Lights by COMSATS Institute of Information Technology; Remote Guarding (Suicide Bomber Detector) by Dawood College of Engineering and Technology; A Rugged Wireless Micro-Sensor Technology Development for Aircraft Health Management by Institute of Space Technology; Lungs Tumour Detection from CT-Scan Lungs Images and Sign Language Tutor by International Islamic University; Academic Institution Alert Management System by Kohat University of Science and Technology; Design and Fabrication of Indigenous Thar Coal Gasifier and Indigenous Design and Fabrication of MSW Incinerator by Mehran University of Engineering and Technology; A knowledge-based Expert System to Diagnose Spinning Faults for Producing High Quality Yarn by National Textile University; Development of Light Weight 3 Wheeler 4 Stroke Slim Car/ Rickshaw, Prosthetic Uppen Limb and Solar Hybrid Water Heating System by National University of Science and Technology; Building Capacity in Pakistan to Seismically retrofit Essential Structures by NED University of Engineering and Technology; Animal Feed Bags, Rose Perfume, Textile Dying and Vaccines and Herbal Products by University of Agriculture; Adsorption of alcohols/ water and carboxylic acids/ water mixtures by synthetic-zeolites by University of Balochistan; Design and Development of Low Cost Synthesis Gas Generation, Development of a Virtual Machine Monitor for MIPS64 Processors and Invoice Processing Automation Software by University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore.

For more information, contact:
Aayesha Ikram
Director (Media)
Higher Education Commission
Sector H-9, Islamabad
Tel: 90402404, 90402412


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