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Monday, September 27th, 2021

Future of Pakistan lies in a truly democratic, tolerant and progressive Islamic state: Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

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Peshawar: The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governor, Barrister Masood Kausar has said, future of Pakistan lies in a truly democratic, tolerant and progressive Islamic state; standing honourably amongst the comity of nations; bearing fruits of prosperity and development and there is need that leaderships of all segments of society including the thinkers and scholars, should sit together; come out with workable conclusion and play their role in leading the nation in a correct way.

Inaugurating the 3-Day National Seminar on, “Genesis and Causes of Radicalization in Pakistan” as the chief guest at Saidu Sharif, Swat on Monday, the Governor said, Pakistan stands up for universal values of freedom; dignity; equality; tolerance; harmony and brotherhood and the nation has the immense potential and reserves of talent and energy to return with success”, he added. The moot arranged by Pak Army, is being largely attended by thinkers, scholars, educationists, opinion leaders, parliamentarians, representatives from the cross section of the society from within the country as well as abroad. Corps Commander, 11-Corps, Lt. Gen. Asif Yasin Malik, provincial minister, Mr. Bashir Ahmad Bilour, provincial minsters, Commissioner, Malakand, Mr. Fakhar-e-Alam Khan and other senior military and civil officers were also present on this occasion

Highlighting the achievements of the government in curbing extremism and terrorism, the Governor said, as a result of the successful military operations,, normalcy have been restored in Malakand Division as well as most parts of FATA while action against militants in certain parts of FATA is still underway and these successes, he added, needs to be consolidated to ensure sustained peace and stability. “Concerted efforts are required to address the confronting challenges as well as their causes that have made the society vulnerable to radicalized violence and exploitation”, he added. The Governor also paid rich tributes to the officers and jawans of Pak Army who have sacrificed their lives for the better future of the motherland.

Highlighting the importance of the seminar, the Governor pointed out, despite the fact, Islam is the religion of love and peace, prescribing suicide as completely forbidden and Haram; killing of innocents, children and women as the worst acts of inhumanity; it prohibits harming of Muslims and non-Muslims alike and up-holds the supremacy of law, question arises, why violence has come to dominate our society; why Muslims are being slaughtered by the Muslims and biases exists against each other’s religion and sectarian entities in the society. In fact, the Governor said, we as a Pakistani Nation are passing through an un-precedented era of transformation; facing critical set of challenges and choices to determine future course for our coming generations, adding that 64 four years down the history lane, we now need to look back and reflect – Is the situation akin to the Iqbal’s vision of a sovereignty and independent Muslim State? Whether, it is in conformity with the Quaid’s vision and whether, its under-pinnings are in agreement with the Islamic values promulgated and promoted by our Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)?

Barrister Masood Kausar said, no doubt the issues confronted by us have global, regional and domestic context as well because of social, economic, political and legislative dimensions, yet, these are the fundamental questions, arising in the minds of every peace loving citizen of the country. “The reasons need to be carefully examined in a larger perspective; understand the root causes and analyze the problem from historical, political, economic, sociological, religious and psychological aspects as well”, he added. Indeed, the Governor said, the strategic challenge is multi-dimensional; de-radicalization of the infected elements of our society; rehabilitation of the reconcilable militants and achieving a long term goal of counter-radicalization needs to be tackled on emergent grounds.

Appreciating the efforts of the Pak-Army and the provincial government, which they have been making in collaboration with certain non-government organizations for de-indoctrination of captured but reconcilable terrorists and to re-introduce them into the society as useful citizens, the Governor further pointed out, “this is a daunting challenge as well and although, there exists no quick solutions to the problems yet, our commitment to tackle them is above board.

Welcoming the delegates, the Governor also wished the moot full success and hoped that the participants would be able to share their wisdom and experiences in true perspective and come out with concrete proposals and policy input; suggest an effective and practical approach and model for counter extremism and de-radicalization in the country. The first session of the seminar was also addressed by renowned thinkers and scholars.

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