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Government Committed to Eliminate Violence against Women: Says National Assembly Speaker

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Islamabad: Dr. Fehmida Mirza, Speaker National Assembly has said that the passing of the Prevention of Anti-Women Practices Law was a land achievement of National Assembly under which denial of property rights to women and forced marriages have been recognized as severe offences. These are laws which enabling the state machinery to effectively control violence against women.

The passage of the VAW Bill, amendment in the penal code to check Harassment at work place and the tabling of the related bills were few examples which credit goes to the present Parliament. She said this while on the International Day against elimination of violence against women being commemorated though out the world on 25th November.

The Speaker appreciated the long and hard global struggle of the women rights activist for up lift a women folk. She said that the progressive political and civil societies have playing an important role in curbing this evil. She said that role of the youth and media of this country cannot be ignored.

She said that together with the civil society and the emerging practice of policy reviews by the present-day government was a step forward to eliminate VAW.

Dr. Fehmida said that according to the latest data complied so far reveals shocking trends about 70% of women experience physical or sexual violence from men in their life time. It happens everywhere—at home and at work, on streets and in schools, during peacetime and in conflicts. She said that though it is a global issue, that trend nevertheless, had been more vehement in south Asia, including Pakistan.

The growing cases of acid and stove burn victims, honour killings and harassment in general have seen a steady increase during the present decade, which surely calls for urgent preventive steps, she added.

Dr. Fehmida Mirza said that the women parliamentarians was working actively for curbing the evil of violence against women and doing efforts for the welfare of the women. She said that WPC was more committed to play a key role in putting together all different areas around a common agenda to ensure protection and access of rights for women. She said that in order to eliminate VAW, we need to engage men and youth in this struggle.

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