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Government has put the Road Safety as top priority on its agenda

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Islamabad: The Federal Minister for Communications Dr. Arbab Alamgir Khan has said that Road Safety is an international problem with far reaching effects on the society, as it is an important aspect of human life. He was addressing in a Road Safety Seminar organized by the National Highways and Motorway Police at National Library Islamabad on the subject, “Issues confronting Safety and vehicle fitness”.

He said that it is a fact that the nations are recognized by their traffic discipline. It has rightly been said that “if you intend to observe the discipline of a nation, observe their traffic culture”. It is a fact that there is a lack of coordination on road safety issues among the Federal Government and Provincial Governments and there is a dire need to unify the traffic Vehicle and licensing data centralized.

He also said that the vehicle fitness system must be organized with scientific and mechanized system which could be responsible to issue correct vehicle fitness certificates. He further said that every year 2 to 3 % of our GDP is wasted in road accidents, thus this loss to society both in human and monitory terms are significant and it could be saved with better planning.

In his opening address, the Inspector General, National Highways and Motorways Police Wajid Ali Khan Durrani said that the NH and MP has given the top priority to road safety in its agenda and has rightly made a part in its Mission Statement. Wajid Ali Khan Durrani said that NH and MP is providing helps to more than 3700 road users daily.

He said that the NH and MP has always priorities the safety and security of lives of the road users; therefore, they have established a Road Safety Wing which analysis and suggest traffic and road engineering measures to avoid such accidents. The NH and MP is also well aware of the crime scenario in the country and have taken numerous security measures which resulted more than 85% reduction in crime rate.

Before that Mr. Khalid Islam, a road safety expert said that current vehicle fitness system needs to change entirely and accredited vehicle fitness workshops may be introduced at the country level which could be responsible to issue vehicle fitness certificates.

SP traffic Peshawar also spoke on occasion and informed the audience that 22 districts out of 25 of KPK have been computerized for driving licensing system. Whereas, Mr. Sadiq Sawati a road safety expert and Mr. Asad Jahginer ex-IGP Sindh emphasized that apart from traffic rules and regulations, awareness on road safety issues at mass level is extremely essential including improvement in road traffic engineering, road furniture in the cities and on provincial highways need to be up dated including enforcement. In the end the Minister for Communications distributed the shields among the speakers of Road Safety Seminar

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