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Sunday, July 12th, 2020

Guinea seeks IDB support in women empowerment, resources mobilization


Jeddah (IINA) � President of Guinea and Chairman of African Union (AU) Alpha Conde has sought the support of the Jeddah-based Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Group in women empowerment, infrastructure development and resource mobilization.

This was made when Conde received a delegation led by Acting President of the IDB Group Dr Ahmet Tiktik at the Royal Guest House in Jeddah. He commended the bank support for Guinea, particularly during the Ebola epidemic crisis.

The government of Guinea is working on several initiatives such as the construction of major bridges, sanitation and agricultural production. We have a program on capacity building for women affected by the Ebola epidemic,” said President Conde.

“We are also organizing a conference on resource mobilization for Guinea in Paris, and we would like IDB to lend its support in attracting donors. he added.

For his part, Ahmet Tiktik assured the Guinean president that the IDB Group has experience in women empowerment. He pointed out that a successful program on women empowerment was done in Palestine, and a similar empowerment program can be initiated to support the women affected by the Ebola epidemic.

Tiktik stated that the IDB will continue with the Arab Coordination Group to help mobilize resources for Guinea. He confirmed the Bank’s intention to deploy more resources to support its member states.

The acting president reviewed the additional opportunities that Guinea could benefit from, such as Arab-African Foreign Trade Bridge initiative, as well as the resources provided by the IDB’s private sector institutions (ICD, ITFC and ICIEC) in favor of the private sector.

Source: International Islamic News Agency