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Friday, July 23rd, 2021

Higher Education Commission Scholar Awarded Highest Honour during PhD at University of South Brittany, France

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Islamabad: Dr. Nadeem Akhtar has successfully completed his PhD in Software Engineering from the University of South Brittany under HEC’s Overseas Scholarship for MS/MPhil Leading to PhD in Selected Fields (Phase II).

He has been awarded the highest honourable grade of “très honourable”. The title of his PhD thesis is “Contribution to the formal specification and verification of multi-agent robotic system.”

“I am highly thankful to my supervisor, co-supervisor, family, colleagues and friends for always encouraging and motivating me, but all credit goes to the HEC for awarding me this scholarship”, says Dr. Akhtar.

Meanwhile, research article of another HEC scholar Muhammad Waseem Ashraf, who is pursuing PhD in Microelectronics from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, has been selected among the top 10 best papers published in 2010 in Sensors and Transducer Journal. The title of article is “Fabrication and Analysis of Tapered Tip Silicon Micro needles for MEMS based Drug Delivery System”.

His second article “Design, Fabrication and Analysis of Silicon Hollow Micro needles for Transdermal Drug Delivery System for Treatment of Hemodynamic Dysfunctions” has been published on the title page of Springer Journal Cardiovascular Engineering is among the top most downloaded articles from last three quarters.

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