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Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Hisense Group Embraces Smart Technology Over the Next Ten Years

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by May 17, 2011 Technology

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BEIJING, May 17, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia-AsiaNet/ –

On May 15th, Hisense Group held a press conference in Beijing on the company’s corporate strategy and announced that the company will pursue an entirely new course of development as it moves to welcome the age of smart technology.


Hisense announces “Smart” strategy

In a report entitled, “Reimagining the Future, Realizing Your Dreams,” Zhou Houjian, Chairman of Hisense Group, revealed the company’s new “Smart” corporate strategy: the company will strive to make smart technology the basis of its operating philosophy, the inspiration for its creative teams, and the standard for its future hiring and placement structure. In order to ensure the implementation of this “Smart” strategy, Hisense will establish a task force to promote the company’s new direction. Building on the spirit of this idea, Hisense will promote smart technology into every aspect of the company’s
operations in media, communications, home appliances, smart transportation, real estate, and other fields.

Zhou Houjian emphasized during his speech that the core of Hisense’s transformation into a smart-technology company will be the strengthening of the company’s unique smart multimedia operating platform and “Smart Store,” which is part of the company’s efforts to raise the proportion of business revenues generated from “service” in the company’s hardware business.

At present, Hisense continues to maintain its leading position in China’s flat-screen television market, which it has maintained for the past eight years, and also has a solid lead in the smart-technology transportation and home cable module sectors. These strengths will play a key role in Hisense’s
foray into the smart-technology sector. Zhou Houjian stated his belief that, “Now that the age of smart technology has arrived, innovation is showing itself to be more important than ever. Applications, services, and the user experience will become focal points for market competition.”

Zhou Houjian revealed: “Hisense will soon release a revolutionary new product based on a smart-technology platform with entertainment content that can be integrated with social-media sites. Hisense aims to bring television everywhere, striving to bring the huge youth demographic back in front of the
‘TV set.’ Through these efforts, the company will provide consumers with a new way of imagining life in the future, and a whole new way of looking at Hisense.”

SOURCE: Hisense Group


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