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Inauguration of Security/Road Safety Facilitation Centre on M-1 near Swabi Interchange

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by November 29, 2011 Miscellaneous

Islamabad: Minister for Communications Dr. Arbab Alamgir Khan has said that motorway police will be equipped with all modern facilities. More trauma centers would be constructed on motorways and highways, and a trauma centre on Karachi super highway will start it work soon. More security and facilitation centre would be constructed and modern facilities will be available for road users. He passed these words while inaugurating the Security /Road Safety facilitation centre constructed on Motorway (M-1) near Swabi Interchange.

The Federal Minister stressed upon NHA officials that summary regarding construction of facilitation centres on Motorways and Highways may be furnished at the earliest. He congratulated the NH and MP officers on the 14th anniversary of motorway police. On the occasion, IG NH and MP Wajid Ali Khan has said that it is a matter of pride that in a short period of 14 years, the force has been able not only to achieve high standards and new culture of policing but also sustained them.

He said that NH and MP serving the commuters and more than 3700 commuters are being helped daily. He said that while helping the commuters in distress, so far 37 officers laid down their lives and earned “Shahadat”. This exceptional performance is the result of dedication, veracity and commitment towards duty.

The IG said that NH and MP also revived the extensive activities like Nooriabad Industrial Estate on Karachi-Hyderabad super highway. He said that during the early period of construction of M-1 it become a high crime area, therefore, the idea of these posts were come into mind but now with the kind of Almighty Allah and presence of the personnel’s of NH and MP, the crime has been downed at bare minimum level.

However, now these security posts would work as “Security/Road Safety Centers” where the people can stay for a while and the personnel of NH and MP would help the road users and would also utilize these posts for awareness regarding road safety issues etc.

He said that the NH and MP officers have also recovered hundreds of stolen and snatched vehicles from different areas while plying on this very road at M-1. Motorway Police has also played an important role in reducing the overall crime rate by more than 85% on motorways and national highways.

In the end he said that providing help and guidance to the Commuters, besides their counselling and education, has been the hallmark of the NH and MP and it should be continued in all circumstances on these posts.

For more information, contact:
M. Javed Chaudhary
National Highway and Motorway Police
Ministry for Communications
Cell: 0321-5005172


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