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Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Inter Services Public Relations spokesman comments on Miran Shah Hospital destruction

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Peshawar: A Spokesman of ISPR has said that hospital in Miran Shah North Waziristan Agency was demolished as security forces received heavy fire from the hospital building after the IED explosion on 5th July on a military convoy resulting into shahadat of three soldiers and seven injured. Terrorists hiding in the hospital even fired on the helicopters that went for the rescue. The hospital had proper firing bays and fox holes in the walls for effective firing.

There were also reports that miscreants, injured in different operations by security forces, were being treated in the same hospital. Spokesman said that realizing their responsibility, the Maliks of the area proposed destruction of the said hospital to the Political Administration.

For more information, contact:
Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR)
Hilal Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Tel: +9251 927 1605
Fax: +9251 927 1601


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