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Investors leaving Pakistan due to sense of insecurity

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Karachi, July 14, 2012 (PPI-OT): Finance Secretary All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) Mansoor Moin has said due to deteriorating that law and order situation and energy crisis, investors are leaving Pakistan and shifting their business and industries in Bangladesh, Malaysia and other countries.

According to an APML central information secretariat press release, he stated this while talking a delegation of investors. Mansoor Moin said due to rapid outflow of investment, unemployment is on rise which is weakening the country’s economy.

APML Finance Secretary said during the Pervez Musharraf government, economy flourished due to foreign investment in the country and investors had confidence due to peace and consistency in government policies.

He said now the country is terrorism-ridden and none of the cities are safe due to the bad governance and ineligible leadership. Incidents of bomb blasts, kidnapping and murders of traders, extortions in the industrial areas and govt ineligibility to maintain law and order have developed the sense of insecurity among the business community, he added.

Electricity crisis is another reason, and government in not even taking serious measures to cope with the issue, thousands of industrial units have been shut down due to lack of electricity and gas provision forcing the investing to shift their business in Bangladesh and eastern and far eastern countries, he further said.

Mansoor Moin said the masses are once again looking towards ex president Gen Retd Pervez Musharrad to return and govern the country due to bad law and order situation, prolonged electricity load-shedding, shortage of gas, unemployment and worst of all the corruption of rulers and government functionaries.

He said Musharraf will soon return to Pakistan and will materialize the wishes of masses by getting them rid off the corrupt and ineligible government.

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