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Saturday, October 16th, 2021

Iran, Pakistan, Turkey and Afghans can ouster foreign powers: Punjab University Vice-Chancellor

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Lahore: A high-level delegation of Iranian Province Khurasan Rizvi, led by Governor Dr Mahmood Salahi, visited the Punjab University and met Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr Mujahid Kamran and senior faculty members in the Al-Raazi Hall of Centre for Undergraduate Studies. Iranian Counsel General Muhammad Hussain Bani Asadi also accompanied the delegation.

Speaking on the occasion, VC Dr Mujahid Kamran said Turkey, Pakistan and Iran were the ray of hope and they can, with the help of Afghan people, face the challenge of world powers. These countries should put their nations on a course of education. He said the defeat of America and abolishment of the hold of rich families was possible if these countries promote relations with Russia and China and help Afghan people. He said the Governor Khurasan was visiting the country in such a situation when the region was facing serious dangers and foreign powers wanted to occupy Eurasia. He said Americans possessed many qualities but a group of rich families had the hold of Americans and the government, who, through planning, had imposed wars and debit system. The group of rich families, through various organizations, has been successful in controlling governments, media, defense and academic institutions, and distorted the history. He said 400 institutes and 3000 think tanks, with the help of US $6 billion, carrying out research on how Americans’ opinion could be kept on a specific track. He said the world was facing two basic issues i.e. first the American people have been brought stood before the world, second, 1.5 billion Muslims, even having over 70 percent resources, were dreaming while they had such a Book (Holy Quran) and philosophy which can unite the world. He said the invitation of Punjab Chief Minister to Khurasan Governor would help promote economic and trade relations between Punjab and Khurasan provinces sand mutual relations of the varsities would also be developed. He said world was a battle-field and educated nations reserved the right of survival.

Governor Khurasan Dr Mahmood Salahi said Pakistan, Iran and Turkey were three strong countries and others were also of much importance. The destruction of Afghanistan was our destruction whereas Muslims accept all the human beings as the creatures of Almighty Allah. He said big powers always created problems for the people and imposed wars. Unity was the most important thing for us in the present era to ouster the enemy from the region, he added. He said we wanted peace and wished the world get progressing.

All the countries should focus on their own development and not interfere in others’ internal affairs. He said Islam was the religion of peace and harmony. While expressing his views about the visit, he said Punjab province and Lahore were known due to knowledge and culture. He said Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah were two great personalities and he had the wish to offer Fateha at Iqbal’s mausoleum since 26 years. His poetry, a pride for human being, was addressed to the people of all periods. He said CM Punjab Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif had great love for people and he used to work till 2:00, 3:00a.m and saved lives of the poor by visiting flooded areas.

In the end, souvenirs were presented to the honourable guest while Governor Khurasan presented a gift of “Shahnama-e-Firdousi” to the Vice Chancellor. Later the delegation visited Iranian Section of PU Main Library and announced gift of books worth 50 lakh Taman.

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