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Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

ISP Responds to Requests for Personal Early Detection Radiation Monitoring Badges

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by March 21, 2011 Health Care

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WAYNE, N.J., Mar. 21, 2011 /PRNewswire-AsiaNet/ —

International Specialty Products (“ISP”), Wayne, New Jersey (USA) announced the launch of the RADView(TM) NR Indicator badge designed for the early detection of radiation exposure to members of the general public in the event of a nuclear accident or detonation.

“ISP is responding to the needs of all those affected by recent events in Japan as well as those who seek more information about their own radiation exposure levels,” said David Lewis, Senior Science Fellow. “With RADView NR Indicators, anyone can monitor their relative exposure in an easily readable format. In this time of uncertainty in Japan, ISP is responding to requests for a technology that can help comfort the public with respect to relative environmental exposure.”

Utilizing ISP’s proprietary technology, RADView NR Indicators are manufactured in the form of a radiation-sensitive plastic film contained within a badge about the size of a driver’s license. Radiation exposure of the RADView NR Indicator produces a dye that changes the color of the radiation-sensitive film in the proportion to the dose of radiation. The radiation-sensitive film is water resistant and has a radiation dose response that is tissue equivalent and dose-rate independent. The badges have no electronics and do not require calibration or maintenance by the user. RADView NR Indicators are inexpensive, convenient, reliable and easy to use.

RADView NR Indicators can typically monitor exposure of the person carrying or wearing the badge for periods up to one year. The badges are self-developing, and provide the wearer an instant visual indication of high or low radiation exposure without requiring a darkroom or processing equipment. Use of the RADView(TM) NR Indicator is intuitive. Instructions for use are simple and straightforward.

The ISP proprietary technology employed in RADView(TM) NR Indicators is ideally suited for early detection in which a quick visual observation is desired to verify that no radiation dose or minimal radiation dose has been received by the wearer. The badge that will be offered initially is designed for quick indication of radiation doses to provide guidance to a user before seeking advice from responsible government authorities. For more information, contact Xiang Yu, Director of ISP’s Advanced Materials business: +1973-628-3811, or by e-mail:

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