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Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry assures all out support to Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology

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by May 16, 2013 General

Karachi, May 16, 2013 (PPI-OT): The elected top notches on the business community at Karachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI) have expressed the hope that dwindled economy and battered industrial sector will witness a new surge during the next 5 years.

They made the forecast on the basis of formation of new government by PML (N) which, they noted, has dedicated industrialists, businessmen and experts in the related fields in its fold who are capable to deliver which the previous government could not.

Their remarks in this regard came in a meeting with the Chancellor of Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology held at the university campus.

A-21 member delegation of KCCI, led by the Chamber President Muhammed Haroon Aagar, visited the university and discussed various matters to further strengthen the existing coordination and relationship with SSUET.

Chamber Chief pointed out that no expansion occurred in the industrial sector during the last 5 years and this sector has much hopes on the new government which is going to be formed with an industry-related background.

He offered large scale internship opportunities for the SSUET students, foreseeing the rapid industrial growth that is likely to take place in the coming years.

He specially referred to ongoing energy crisis and said that with other sources of energy generations, potential also exist to tap solar energy prospects for use in the industries.

Haroon Aagar also offered to extend sponsorships for the SSUET students, wherever required.

In his remarks on the occasion the Chancellor SSUET, Engr Muhammed Adil Usman thanked for the visit of Chamber men and described it highly encouraging with fruitful discussion.

He said while foreseeing the future development prospects, there is imperative need to encourage the students studying engineering in this university which is being run with its self-generated resources to provide best possible knowledge to future builders of the nation.

Chancellor said that this university does not receive any government grant, still no student is allowed to give his studies just for financial implications and all requirements of poor students are fulfilled by this university which has been awarded the highest “W4” category by Higher Education Commission.

He suggested the KCCI to establish a fund for poor students of this university which will be utilized under the criteria to be worked out by KCCI itself.

He also referred to the SSUET’s Research and Development programs and pointed out that world over such programs are supported by the industry. He said that R and D programs at

Universities ultimately prove beneficial for the industry. He told the Chamber people that the university can send talented students abroad if a fund is created by KCCI for this purpose.

Engr Adil Usman also referred to the bio-plant designed with SSUET’s cooperation and emphasized that it needs further development to launch it for meeting energy needs.

He appreciated KCCI’s offer for 6-month IT training for the university students and said the University at its end can offer solutions for IT related problems if these come from the Chamber.

On the occasion, Mr. Shamim Farpoo, Senior Vice-President KCCI, appreciated SSUET’s participation in the Chamber’s “My Karachi” exhibition held at Expo Center last year and said that the projects displayed on that occasion drew big public liking.

He said this year KCCI is organizing the exhibition in July and will earmark an exclusive education pavilion to showcasing the projects of engineering students. He said such programs will help enhance greater SSUET-Industry collaboration.

He also referred to the menace of energy crisis and observed that if the new government surmounts this menace, the industry will grow and in turn new job opportunities will create and simultaneously ongoing law and order come under control.

He assured all out KCCI cooperation for SSUET along with other members of the visiting delegation who appreciated the presentation given on the occasion by Registrar SSUET Shah Mahmood H. Syed and particularly referred to the quantum of scholarships awarded and the financial assistance give to needy students.

They were of the view that education and health are the two sectors where there is need to work on collective basis and promised all out support to SSUET in this respect.

They also assure of extending coordination with SSUET for the Baby Care project of its Bio-Medical department as well as other industry-related projects.

On the occasion Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Jawaid H, Rizvi offered the industrialists to meet their industry-related requirements through the technical expertise of SSUET.

On queries form Chamber people, the Registrar Shah Mahmood explained the procedure pursued for grant of scholarships and financial assistance and said that many organizations and well to do people give donations for this purpose without any self-projection.

For more information, contact:
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