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Sunday, September 19th, 2021

Karachi Electric Supply Company advises citizens to adopt safety measures against rain hazards, to save energy

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Karachi: Karachi Electric Supply Company has advised citizens to adopt safety measures against any possible risk of electrocution during the upcoming monsoon rains and to avoid any unsafe venture to fix the rain-related electricity faults on their own but to report the issue to 118 response centre or the nearest KESC office.

As the monsoon season has already started in different parts of the country and is expected to set in motion towards Karachi any time, appliances may get overheated during hot and humid weather which may also create other safety hazards, KESC said. Citizens have been advised not to touch any broken wire but immediately report the issue to KESC.

KESC further advised citizens to avoid touching any electrical appliances including switches, sockets and door bells during rainy days, particularly if their hands are wet, lest they might get electrocuted. In case of an electrical fire, the citizens needed to immediately shut off the main circuit breaker and to make sure that the fire was not close to the breaker box before attempting this step.

KESC asked the citizens not to throw water on electrical fire, which could cause electrocution, and advised use of prescribed fire extinguishers instead of water. Also, to effectively ground the appliances to prevent electric shock; to switch on electrical appliances only after firmly plugging into socket outlet; to avoid joints in wiring like taping of wires; to use extension box with fuse that could prevent fire caused by short circuit; and, to always renew the wiring after ageing, and to replace electrical cords that are broken or worn-out.

KESC further said that during summers, not only the temperature rises, but the demand for electricity increases as well. This rise in demand can be curtailed if the energy usage and wastage is minimized. As the days are longer in summers, the citizens may maximize the usage of sunlight and avoid undue lights to save energy.

KESC also advised general public to leave enough space between refrigerator or deep freezer and the wall so that air can easily circulate around for ventilation. While purchasing any new electrical appliances, the citizens needed to invest only in energy efficient products; to set their air-conditioner thermostat between 24 to 26 degree centigrade for efficient cooling and energy saving; replace incandescent bulbs with energy savers, as regular bulbs produce significant heat and further increase the room temperature.

KESC also asked the general public to minimize the usage of UPS, as it consumed more power to recharge the battery; also to maintain a check that UPS charging is discontinued after the battery is full with the help of “Battery Full” indicator, as faulty UPS could keep consuming electricity by charging batteries, causing damage to the battery and wasting electricity. Another method to save on electricity was to paint the homes in light colours, as in warm climate light colored rooms require less lighting to look brighter, KESC added.

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