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Wednesday, October 27th, 2021

Karachi Electric Supply Company alerts citizens of vicious circle working behind local faults, repair bribe

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Karachi: The Karachi Electric Supply Company has alerted the general public against the corrupt employees of the utility who are reportedly extorting illegal money for repairing local faults during these days of extreme crisis. The KESC has informed the citizens that it is the same people who were first causing man-made local faults on the excuse of union protest, then delaying and attacking the fault repair system in the name of strike, and finally extorting personal illegal bucks out of these faults by blackmailing the consumers suffering from prolonged outages.

While strongly condemning such anti-social and criminal elements within the ranks of KESC employees creating such vicious circle, the utility said that this was the actual issue behind the ongoing crisis in KESC and asked the citizens not to pay any amount to any employee for fault repair. The KESC asked the consumers to inform the management of the name and identification particulars of any such employees who demand money for repairing local faults at or directly report it to the police.

The KESC said that this vicious circle of criminal elements within the utility’s workforce was in fact a cancer which had taken deep roots into the rank and file of the company during long years of government control. These very people were also involved in the theft and illegal use of electricity which had been causing huge financial loss to the company and limiting its ability to transform KESC into a world class public utility.

However, now that the private management was trying to overhaul and cleanup the KESC of such elements to make it an efficient and customer centric organization, the corruption giant was still not ready to vanish and fighting back for its survival. However, the management was fully committed to its values despite all resistance and sabotage but unless the citizens cooperated and refused to pay bribe to these extortionists, the menace could not be eradicated. The KESC has asked the citizens to cooperate against the corrupt as this is the only way evil forces in the system can be exposed and eliminated once and for all.

For more information, contact:
Adil Murtaza
Assistant Manager, Media and PR
Karachi Electric Supply Company Limited (KESC)
2nd Floor, State Life Building No 11,
Abdullah Haroon Road, Saddar, Karachi
Tel: +9221 9920 7163
Cell: +92346 822 3641


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