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Karachi Electric Supply Company asks law enforcement agencies to help protect transmission network

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Karachi: The Karachi Electric Supply Company has asked the law enforcement agencies to assist the power utility for safeguarding transmission network where incidents of copper wire theft have increased multifold during the recent weeks.

While the field staff members express apprehension of involvement of persons familiar with the system, union miscreants that is, the KESC has enhanced internal security deployment around transmission lines to discourage copper thieves from cutting down high tension lines besides writing to the law enforcement agencies for help. Apart from tripping the transmission network, the copper theft also caused tripping of grids and power plants rendering huge financial and supply losses.

The nuclear power plant that had tripped last week due to tempering of transmission lines by the union miscreants and it took long time to resume power supply. Similar issues were experienced in the KESC’s own grids and power plants.

The union miscreants attacked a mobile maintenance team of KESC on Sunday morning while working on a fault in Bath Island area. They kidnapped and tortured the van driver, Mohammad Shoaib and looted his cell phone and Rs. 2500 cash, also damaged the van. They manhandled team members including Assistant Engineer Arsalan, Senior Lineman Alam, Lineman Shahid and Karkun Alfred, besides snatching the switch handles and other equipment from them. The driver was found seriously injured after several hours.

The KESC has expressed deep anguish over the unabated union attacks on the maintenance teams of the power utility and termed it a planned sabotage against Karachi. The delay caused by union miscreants’ attack on the maintenance and repair teams had been forcing the citizens to suffer unduly prolonged outages. The KESC has demanded of the government to wake up to the call of its duty and provide due protection and a fearless atmosphere to the utility’s employees under the constitution and country’s laws, also according to the orders of Sindh High Court.

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