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Karachi Electric Supply Company chief appreciates fearless employees, attacks by Union continue despite talks offer

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Karachi: Mr. Tabish Gauhar, CEO of the Karachi Electric Supply Company has appreciated all those employees of the KESC who have been risking their lives by performing their duties to serve the consumers in hugely difficult conditions. “We are proud of them and actually these people are the assets of this institution. This is our responsibility to care more about them,” he remarked.

The CEO has sent a message to all those core employees who have been misguided temporarily, to return to their work immediately and receive the blessings of their consumers. He has also invited the certified and law abiding labour leaders to play their due role for bringing things back to normal, and “sit down with the HR Committee for finding out a solution to the issues that is based on ground realities and it works in the interest of the KESC as well as the citizens of Karachi.”

He said: “There would be no compromise on principles. Issues would only be resolved either through negotiations or inside the courts, and not on streets or by creating hardships for the general public.”

Meanwhile, the KESC’s maintenance system continued to struggle against the CBA Union’s obstructive attacks in order to provide as much relief as possible to the citizens residing in areas of local faults on 11thconsecutive day on Thursday. The striking CBA Union did not halt its strong arm tactics putting the general public into misery in spite of the formation of an HR Committee by the utility’s CEO on May 18 in a media conference and an open invitation for talks over all issues.

From the continuing violent attacks from the CBA Union, it became obvious that its leaders were not attracted towards the talks since the CEO had made it clear in his media conference that “the management would not talk to violent and attacking persons unless they calm down and maintain peace and stop blocking the maintenance mechanism in order to provide immediate relief to the general public.” However, instead of normalizing the situation to create peaceful atmosphere for talks, the CBA Union seemed to have chosen the defiant path that amounts to ruin the talk offer.

Armed groups comprising of CBA Union’s activists and their external connivers continued to intercept and damage the maintenance vehicles in a planned manner to disable them from reaching the points of local faults. They manhandled and injured members of repair teams and threatened them for life if they did not stop to perform their public service duties.

While doing so, the CBA Union appeared to have ignored the announcement by KESC’s CEO, Mr. Tabish Gauhar that he made in a media conference at KESC House on constitution of a Human Resource Committee to discuss and find solution to all disputed matters between management and employees. The CEO also exhorted upon the misguided core employees to return to their duties in the best interests of the company as well as the suffering general public.

On Thursday morning, a group of CBA Union’s hooligans gathered outside the KESC offices in State Life Building in Saddar and threw stones at officers entering the office gate. The officers were saved by the security personnel present there. A supervisor of high tension network in Region-II was attacked and beaten up by a group of CBA Union miscreants while attending fault in Defence-29 feeder. He was seriously injured in the attack.

Another Supervisor from Operations was beaten up by the Union activists while working on Muhammadi Masjid PMT in Keamari who threatened him to keep away from work. In Old Town, the CBA saboteurs damaged three feeders on different timings while these feeders were in off position during the normal load shedding hours. The cables were found damaged at multiple locations.

The CBA Union hooligans attacked a maintenance team in PECHS opposite Hill Park Sub Station attending to a cable fault there. They beat up the staff in the vehicle, damaged the hi-roof van and motorbike of a staffer and snatched the vehicles as well as the material and tools to be used for repair work.

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